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“Who is in control of your life, your dreams and your destiny? A choice must be made to end the conflict within; not a want but a choice, and you must stand by your choice. Which will give you the most out of life: human or Spirit? Make a choice and go for it. Ask for help in making your choice and ask for help in accepting your decision.”

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Awaken the God or Goddess Within


This is the foundation course to all of the courses by Larry Wayne offered in a complete audio and downloadable PDF format, this step-by-step guide will bring you into simple, easy to understand and apply, metaphysical processes, techniques, meditations and profound information as received by Grace and Larry through their intimate conversations and true life experiences with spirit.

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    Larry Wayne and Grace Johnston – husband and wife – from Calgary, Alberta, are gifted Spiritual Counselors and Teachers of the first rank. Larry is a remarkable spiritual healer and Grace a superb intuitive writer. Both are master mentors in guiding others to transform their reality and express the gifts of their highest potential.

    The Larry Wayne – Grace Johnston team is a partnership of great potency and appeal. A Medium of extraordinary ability, Grace converses with Spirit regularly and effortlessly; she shares the messages with Larry and the two then discuss how they will introduce the ever fresh and evolving material to clients and classes. Larry’s inspiration comes similarly and during their discussions he adds richness, depth and an uncommon insight. Both are clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient and with the trueness of Spirit they share with others the expression of unconditional love and enlightened awareness.

    Would you like to hear the motto of spirit? "Why wait – learn it now, be it now; do it now." There is another motto of spirit and it is said "if what you are thinking, saying, feeling or doing is causing you pain – stop doing it!"


    Files Included
    1. Awaken Program – Final [pdf version]
    2. Awaken Program - Part 1[1] [00:35:31]
      • Being Spirit.
      • Entering the Spirit zone.
    3. Awaken Program - Part 1[2] [01:17:59]
      • Steps in attaining oneness.
    4. Awaken Program - Part 1[3] [00:58:21]
      • The Trinity Alliance.
    5. Awaken Program - Part 1[4] [00:48:22]
      • Uniting with the power of the soul.
      • 11 Rules of the human.
    6. Awaken Program - Part 2[1] [00:41:09]
      • Mission Points on Oneness with Spirit
    7. Awaken Program - Part 2[2] [00:44:34]
      • Mission Points on Oneness with Spirit
    8. Awaken Program - Part 2[3] [00:43:49]
      • Mission Points on Oneness with Spirit
    9. Awaken Program - Part 3[1] [00:59:42]
      • Activating the power of love.
    10. Awaken Program - Part 3[2] [00:57:58]
      • Emotion, the kingpin of power.
    11. Awaken Program - Part 3[3] [00:41:15]
      • Trust and acceptance of yourself and your power.
    12. Awaken Program - Part 4[1] [01:16:23]
      • The secret of life... energies.
    13. Awaken Program - Part 4[2] [01:14:48]
      • Living your thoughts.
    14. Awaken Program - Part 5[1] [00:50:21]
      • Mission: To be one with the energies – Introduction.
      • Mission Points: To be one with the energies
    15. Awaken Program - Part 5[2] [00:45:07]
      • Mission Points: To be one with the energies
    16. Awaken Program - Part 5[3] [00:46:42]
      • Mission Points: To be one with the energies
    17. Awaken Program - Part 5[4] [00:44:34]
      • Mission Points: To be one with the energies
      • Closing remarks.

    "“Larry and Grace have completely changed my life. I heard about them through others who had experienced great success with their coaching and materials and am very thankful for being introduced to them. Since our first meeting, my business has boomed, I have a brand new book coming out and am enjoying incredible peace and joy in my life.

    "I highly recommend you work with them as their materials will transform your life, and re-write your future. Call Larry today – before he gets any busier!”

    ~ Troy White, Calgary AB

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The Spirit of Success: 11 Keys to Miraculous Success


Success is one of the greatest things one can experience in life. Your imperative is oneness and success; feeling, being and expressing it. Success is about changes, of opening your mind to opportunity around you, changing negativity to positivity and carrying positivity within yourself and being an example worthy of following.

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    Being an example has always been what you give to others but should be what you give to yourself. Defeatism is a disease of the mind, while victory is the cure. Raise your flag and gather your troops and march forward into victory; Giving up is a weakness; giving in to a better way is advancement.


    Don’t look to others and say “I wish” but look to yourself and say “I will”; and never wish for another man’s riches for with his riches come his problems.


    Take one goal and determine how it will be created or come into your reality without the concepts of man or ways of the past. By understanding the successes you will see where you are going wrong. This is a new thought for normally you would look at your failures and learn from them, but that creates a long way, a hard way to learn and you get caught up in all that is wrong and not what is right. Example: Each day people are given new opportunities but they are working with old thoughts. Have goals to strive for but this day to live for. Instead of asking for the answers of life, ask for the answers of the day.


    From conversations with one of our Spirit Guides, whose name is The Prophet, he says: "Open your heart and let the old flow out. Become the child in mind and let the new future fill you; it’s like you close your arms around it. You must discard the human ways and become the Spirit that you are by accepting the mind controls. It controls, creates and draws to you that which you desire. It cannot follow the old pattern but must make new pathways of manifesting and creating. You must tell the body and emotions of the human element to obey your commands and create your desires through the mental images and not the physical application. Rebirth is a new life with new visions and goals, with new means of manifesting.

    From the inside outward you become a new Being, taking on challenges with ease, seeing the outcome within your mind and letting nothing destroy it; focusing on your new life and new visions with power and love, being a master over the energies by being Master in your mind; controlling only your own thoughts, your own reality and letting others seek their happiness through their own means. You are beginning to see the power of the mind and I want you to envision a Being who has control; to see only their mind, to see how it works, how it manifests, how it creates; to feel that vision as your own and to amplify your picture each day until you can truly see, feel and experience the power of your mind. When you accomplish that, put your goals into it and imagine how they can be created in the universe with the energies brought into your reality and you will have the goal you seek."


    Files Included
    1. 11 Keys Program – Final [pdf version]
    2. 11 Keys Program - Part 1[1] [00:35:22]
      • Introduction. Forward.
    3. 11 Keys Program - Part 1[2] [00:34:49]
      • Live your life with purpose.
      • Put truth and simplicity into your goals.
      • Have you made your goals your truth?
      • Keep your goals at eye level.
    4. 11 Keys Program - Part 1[3] [00:54:51]
      • Go to your goals with love.
      • Meditation on activating the power within.
      • Treat your goals like a precious jewel.
      • Have an estimated time of arrival.
      • Creating money.
      • Activating and amplifying the element of richness.
    5. 11 Keys Program - Part 1[4] [01:11:48]
      • Managing and manifesting money.
    6. 11 Keys Program - Part 1[5] [00:45:19]
      • Excellence.
      • Service.
      • Determination, loyalty, responsibility.
      • Honesty and vulnerability.
    7. 11 Keys Program - Part 1[6] [00:50:59]
      • Be and express in the moment.
      • The ‘I Am’ exercise.
    8. 11 Keys Program - Part 1[7] [00:49:10]
      • Positive and negative need.
      • Energy in everything is equal.
      • Take control of life.
    9. 11 Keys Program - Part 1[8] [01:25:23]
      • Be a winner because you can.
    10. 11 Keys Program - Part 1[9] [00:26:39]
      • 11 Rules of the human.
      • Epilogue
    11. 11 Keys Program – Part 2[1] [00:19:28]
      • Creating your life’s plan – introduction.
      • How to prepare to create your life’s plan.
    12. 11 Keys Program – Part 2[2] [00:53:43]
      • Tools for creating your life’s plan.

    "Life is a series of choices that become a series of events, not the other way around. Instead of your story following life, life follows the story – and you create the story. This is your control of how you want it to be; personally and individually. I.e. you create your life, not live it by chance.

    "You determine the success of your choices, not the energies, not the spirit guides; only you." ~ Zaffor

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Living in Power and Wisdom


Living in power and wisdom is the solution to being the Being you want to be and creating the life you were always meant to live…

As you step into the dominion of power and wisdom you become a potent force in your own right, a choice-maker and creator of goodness and greatness, richness and success. Then, you decide, as an individual, what you personally are going to feel, be, do and have life bring. You take control and resolve your human negative-need and become unstoppable.

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    Never are you alone. The power and wisdom is always there and will lovingly keep you safe and secure in its potency. Dare to seek the best and be the best and you will attain all your goals. Look out world! Here you come with power and wisdom to be all that you are wherever you are, changing negatives to positives, impacting and inspiring yourself and others. Being master of your own destiny and creating your own true reality.

    "How is it that spirit or an enlightened one knows and does so much?They receive the wisdom from the power that is constantly active and producing, that rides the waves of energy. It's simply a matter of knowing and accepting what is available to you. Why not accept the gift of power and wisdom, instead of trying to do it humanly? This is the beginning of a whole new life!" ~ Larry Wayne


    Files Included:
    1. Living in P&W – Final [pdf version]
    2. Living in P&W - Part 1[1] [01:00:24]
      • Introduction. Prologue.
      • The human process of learning.
      • Trust and personality.
      • The last issue to resolve – humanness.
      • Uniting with the ocean of power and wisdom via a guided meditation.
    3. Living in P&W - Part 1[2] [01:01:02]
      • 5 Empowering energy programs.
      • Understanding the element of control.
      • Detachment.
      • Stepping out of the minds of others.
      • Separate issues – one power.
    4. Living in P&W - Part 1[3] [01:05:11]
      • A trick to success.
      • Deletion of negative thoughts.
      • How to contain problems and issues.
      • Individuality.
      • The brain hang.
      • Resolving the human negative need factor.
    5. Living in P&W - Part 1[4] [00:54:25]
      • The no’s and don’ts.
      • Life follows the story.
      • A choice is what I am, do and have.
      • A message from Spirit.
      • A plan of action.
    6. Living in P&W - Part 2 Audio File [01:31:08]
      • 70 mission points on living in power and wisdom.
      • Epilogue and closing remarks.

    The objective is to take the knowledge and convert it into a ‘Living Power’ within you, which makes it personal and individual, as it should be. You don’t have to plan every step along the way but the power and wisdom must be in every step of your plan.

    "By living in power and wisdom I made my company an outstanding success!"

    ~ Dave Burroughs – President & CEO, ChemServ Products, Inc., Edmonton, Alberta

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Purchase all three of Larry Wayne's life-changing audio programs for one low price.

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