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“Who is in control of your life, your dreams and your destiny? A choice must be made to end the conflict within; not a want but a choice, and you must stand by your choice. Which will give you the most out of life: human or Spirit? Make a choice and go for it. Ask for help in making your choice and ask for help in accepting your decision.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key energies to transforming my reality?
Being responsible, forgiving, and loving, are the three most important steps in healing yourself and your life. You must die to the past and come alive by what you are going to become. From a choice of love we received this wisdom from the power: You are not here to love the world; you are here to be love in the world. That is the greatest motivator; the most mystical and magical power of transformation.

"Let there be a passion within yourself to rise above and beyond the normal." –Larry Wayne
What is metaphysics and spirituality?
Metaphysics is developing your potential, not only attitude, but creating it in your reality. It is the study of the worlds that lie beyond and between the physical; the search for wisdom is not in what you know, but what you are.

Spirituality is your private and personal relationship with the part of you that is Spirit. It is not just accepting a relationship with spirit, but creating a relationship with spirit. Mastery is when that relationship is real, intimate, loving and alive. Being spiritual is a willingness to see, feel and experience yourself as a spark of God.
Is spiritual teaching difficult to learn or understand?
No, because a part of you already knows the truth, but you have taught yourself and been taught other things, perhaps about your ‘limitations,’ your ‘flaws,’ your ‘lack of potential.’ All great spiritual teaching is simple; in fact, spirituality itself is simple. The challenge is teaching people to do it the simple way. People carry complexity instead of simplicity. Even the word simple, when you spell it, means: Spirit - Influence - Makes - Planning - Life - Easy.
What if my beliefs and the spiritual teaching are different?
They will be different if you have come for counseling and cannot resolve the problems you see. A great teacher will help you see the costs of maintaining old beliefs that circumscribe and confine you, and that prevent you from being all that you are. Once you discover the hurtfulness of holding onto any belief, you will be more inclined to drop it—because it is unloving to keep it.
Why do people seek counseling?
They seek it because they want to move from the illusion to the real, from the false life they are living, involving pain and blame and guilt and shame and lack and limitation, to the true life of personal value, positivity, prosperity, abundance, peace, joy and love. For a seeker of truth, there is always a light!
How does a spiritual counselor know what to counsel?
The key is the counsellor’s connection to Spirit—to spiritual inspiration, guidance and wisdom. Says Larry, ‘The person’s Spirit Self tells me the issues and gives me the answer…It is always right, but not always accepted.’ The counsel makes the individual face himself or herself, and many resist that fundamental inquiry. To be a spiritual person, to be enlightened and become more of who you are you must release your humanness and resolve your negative-ego, and catch the thread of truth.
Does spiritual healing actually work?
Western Medicine tends to ignore or minimize the important role of one's spirit in the process of healing. People should feel free to avail themselves of more traditional courses of treatment; spiritual healers are not opposed to Western Medicine. On the contrary, we hold the medical profession in the highest regard and often work in collaboration with them, but if you are overlooking the spirit, you are missing a tremendous opportunity for truly miraculous healing and growth. Whether you suffer from stress, anxiety, pain, or even a terminal illness, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to consider every possible solution. Spirit Healing may even save your life. But don't take our word for it! Hear what others have to say about Larry and Spiritual Healing.
Is there any evidence that spiritual healing is real?
Doctors know that spiritual cures work, but most people still know very little about healers like Larry Wayne, men and women literally gifted with the power of life and death. Spiritual healing is very old, and the principles that made it flourish in the past continue to be relevant today. True Spiritual Healers are not magicians, and they are certainly not charlatans or con artists; they are gifted professionals who practice an ancient and poorly understood art. Spirit healing is a natural healing process that predates modern medicine by millennia, and is a healing source which medical doctors and scientists are only just beginning to tap into. Dr. Daniel J. Benor in his book, Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution, cites 124 scientific studies that document the efficacy of spiritual healing on physical illness and emotional injuries. You can find out for yourself.
What is Spiritual Healing and what are its benefits?
The fact is, medical science has begun to acknowledge that there is a link between the body, the mind, and the spirit. Larry Wayne has a deep understanding of this principle, and has spent a lifetime learning how to use healer-ship to heal the mind, body and soul through administering to the spirit. Spiritual healing stimulates the life force by removing the cause of disease and its ill-effects. It applies the power and wisdom of love to a mind and body ravaged by limiting and faulty beliefs, damaging and false notions of the Self. There is no illness, trivial or terminal, it cannot alleviate. It is really Love’s offering to Love, from healers who know themselves as whole and holy, to patients who see themselves as anxious and afflicted, uncertain, undone, and usually unloved. Removing energy blocks, relieving pain, reinforcing vitality, calming, soothing, it centres one in Spirit. And it is the great opportunity to expand into all that one can be. All that is required is a sincere desire to change your life.
Who actually does the healing?
The intelligent direction of a healing force originates from the spirit realm. The spirit intelligences are the spirit doctors who determine the cause of a disease or disorder and successfully master its ill-effects. In spiritual healing the power emanates from the Divine, flows to a healer with the gift of healing, then to one calling for healing. The healer is a channel of the Divine energy. He or she takes the role of the sick person’s spirit-self and is the internal voice that brings wholeness to that person. The spirit-self of the healer also takes control of the energies by being the force that directs the molecules in one's body to heal. As spirit holds the energies in all the elements you could say spirit is the energies, so that when a determination to be well is made, the energies follow the thought, intention and choice to the fulfillment. The act of healing itself is very simple, but the administration of it is very complex.
What is absent or distance healing?
Once the Indian master, Sathya Sai Baba, said " You are as close to God as you are to yourself ". That is, distance is an illusion. Likewise, healing energies and prayers are unaffected by geographic space. Healing can be sent anywhere at any time to anyone, however physically absent or distant. Distant or absent healing is an exact Spirit science, and its healing qualities are equal to contact healing and, at times, even greater. Hearing a person's needs, the healer connects with Spirit and asks for its intercession. E.g. An Italian who owned sugar plantations overseas came to a presentation by Larry on spiritual healing. A month later, the man called Larry from Italy - he had a painful mole on his temple; it was turning brownish-black, and it was cancerous; so he asked for absent healing, and Larry obliged. Shortly after, he told Larry he'd had a strange feeling where the mole was, reached for it, and it was gone. Back in Calgary, he wined and dined Larry, and thanked him profusely. Larry never saw him again.
In spiritual healing, what exactly is healed?
The spirit healing intelligence removes inner emotional and mental frustrations and diagnoses the person’s illness. It analyzes the chemical substances and their molecular components causing the ill-condition, and it directs the healing energies to create the necessary adjustments.
What if the healing doesn’t work?
Everyone differs in receptivity and response to healing. Some react quickly to the healing force; others, with related problems, take longer. No case is precedent for another. Time needed for recovery depends on the individual example and condition. About 20 percent of those receiving healing do not respond. Sometimes a person is ready to pass into the spirit world, the next phase of life, and the illness is the means. Sometimes the physical cause of a complaint persists, preventing the healing, as in a person losing his eyesight who continues to strain his eyes at work. Sometimes worried minds are so firmly set on the infirmity, convinced of its ‘power’ and ‘inevitability,’ that the disorder is deeply rooted and habitual. Sometimes the mind will not trade away the illness for the sympathy and control of others it seems to confer. Sometimes the spirit doctors require more understanding of a problem (as they are not omnipotent or omniscient), so they too grow through experience, subtlizing, modifying the touch of the healing impulse.
What is my purpose here?
Your purpose is to discover who you are as the infinite potential, the endless possibility, the fullness of Spirit, the Source of your own beauty, love, joy, health and happiness. You have all the attributes of the Creator who created you.
Larry Wayne
Larry Wayne
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