Larry Wayne

“Who is in control of your life, your dreams and your destiny? A choice must be made to end the conflict within; not a want but a choice, and you must stand by your choice. Which will give you the most out of life: human or Spirit? Make a choice and go for it. Ask for help in making your choice and ask for help in accepting your decision.”

Stop working on the human; you will not find the answers there. Just accept who and what you are; it simply comes down now to total acceptance. Don't be fooled by the human bringing up an issue and thinking you need to learn from that; rather, learn from the Spirit.

Larry Wayne: Counsellor and Teacher

A spiritual teacher of vast understanding, Larry Wayne uplifts anyone who comes within his orbit. He brings out the best in people by uncovering the light within, the love in each heart, and the beauty of the soul… and he turns all things to honey.

Whatever your circumstance, Larry Wayne awakens the true you, and sweetens your life. He marks the way out of turmoil, darkness and despair, negativity, fear and guilt, and into the Light and Power of love and peace...for a seeker of truth, there is always a light!

A spiritual counsellor of the first rank, Larry Wayne instantly and unerringly pinpoints the solution to any client's problem. Through his wisdom and teaching excellence, you will learn to artfully remove all misconceptions about yourself, all mistreatment of the self, and you will learn to make a stand for YOU while reconnecting with your passion, and gain the richness of health, wealth, happiness and success.

"What is the reason you are turning to spirit? Mine was because my life wasn’t working and I needed healing. Spirit said to me, 'you have tried it your way, the human way and it’s not working; now try it my way.' It worked wondrously! How can one argue with the proofs of experience? Freedom is the action of spirit, not the woes of human; As spirit you do not need to learn through pain but through love. If you know who you are, you know what you can have and you wonder what you are to do. You can do it all; there is nothing stopping you!"

Ask yourself: why do you want to be powerful, successful, loving, valued, and wise? The answer must be because you can't go back or remain in a life of mediocrity, survival, disappointment and pain; i.e. The more you live in the dreams you have, the more you can't stand your own reality.

Find Your Path and Fulfill Your Destiny

"You have the power to make any choice your reality. You are not your human mass-conscious thoughts, emotions, actions; that is passé - that does not fit into the lifestyle of who you are now. You have one thing that will keep you interested and that is you; And not as a Being who uses power, but as a Being who is power." ~ Larry Wayne

  • Awaken the memory of who you really are and the purpose and passion that lies within.
  • Reclaim your innate powers and reunite with an infinte source of knowledge and wisdom.
  • Open your mind and heart to the pureness of unconditional love; the true essence of healing.
  • Learn a one-step method to instantly align with your pure spirit potential.
  • Master negative thoughts – realize fully the power of choice, and have all your decisions based in spirit
  • Create an alliance with your emotional-soul-self to resolve your problems and enrich your life.
  • Re-build and heal self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence to own your value, take back your power, accept your impact, and change your life forever.
  • The way to access instant truth in any situation, relationship, or outcome.
  • The secret of life – energies for miraculous success. Don’t look at what you can do but look at what the energies can do. Energies are the creators, manifestors, healers and dream-makers. Einstein called it 'spooky energy'.
  • Expand your awareness of the unseen friends who want to help you and how you can communicate with them to receive their gentle counsel and healing help!

Start Living in Power and Wisdom

"What is the difference between people with problems and troubles and people with answers and solutions? Nothing, except that the person with the anwers and solutions knows of the power and wisdom within and without and between, which spirit calls the 'energy of together' that they can open to and use to create and co-create a remarkable reality whereby their visions and dreams become a positive future. This is the beginning of a whole new life." ~ Larry Wayne

  • Explore the truth of spirituality for your development as an incredibly powerful being.
  • Take control of life instead of letting life control you, and find mastery, magic and miracles.
  • Seize the power (energies) like the day and create your own amazing life story.
  • Find the answers and solutions – one source provides all.
  • Free yourself of emotional blocks – repressed and suppressed emotions that limit and restrict you – to restore health, harmony, peace, and joy.
  • Be in the moment and experience new insights about yourself and your power. Being in the moment is a giant step forward into real control. Live in the moment; make your goals in the moment, and let them unforld like a flower.
  • Detach and attract true wealth and real happiness; resolve human 'negative-need' and become unstoppable.
  • Step into your higher Super-Conscious-Spirit mind: The true seat of Power and Wisdom to have dominion over energy, and cause or allow the dreams that your Spirit-Self has for you to become reality.
  • Discover the secret to total trust and acceptance and letting in fully the gifts of your infinite potentiality and the inexhaustible possibility.
  • Unlock the mystical and magical power of co-creation where miracles become the gifts of reality.
  • Experience the joy of letting in the ' fullness of pleasure '; a quantum leap in consciousness to manifest plenty and prosperity in all you choose to be and do!
Larry Wayne
Larry Wayne
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