Human Be Silent. You Are Neither Helpful Nor Positive

Have you noticed that you are forgetting things, little things, yet important?  Now this is a sign that you are changing and that is good but it is not good if you don’t recognize what is happening.  You are not in the moment… feeling, being and expressing the power in the moment.  You are doing things but your mind is elsewhere and you are not getting the most, the best out of what you are doing, or enjoying it, or seeing, feeling and experiencing the Spirit element of it.

How can what you are doing be enjoyable, worthy or expanding into more if you are not focused on it?  How can it evolve or grow if you are not in the picture?  How can you appreciate the moment when you are having thoughts on something else totally unrelated to the action you are taking?

Some things are automatic, some habitual, which require no conscious thought; you simply take action and do what needs to be done, but what are you getting out of that action.  Has it expanded into something more?  Is there love or joy in it?  Are you in the moment?  Is it giving you new insights about yourself and your power?  Can you see the habitual as worthy, fun or progression?  It should be.

Understand: this ‘being in the moment’ is a giant step forward, upwards and who knows what is there to see, feel, experience and enjoy.  Live in the moment; make your goals in the moment and let them unfold like a flower.  Add to this by just knowing that negatives do not exist within or around you; it’s almost too simple to understand but we of the spirit know you will and do.


“Realize that it is imperative to be in the moment, the present; the now.  No more oscillation between the past or the future or bringing the past into the present.  No more attempting to multi-task or the thinking of numerous other thoughts for you cannot do so effectively or productively; it cannot be done.

Yes, you can be spontaneous and quickly move from one thing to another but in so doing you must be in the moment, the present; the now.  You must train your mind to be in the moment for in this moment you get to determine what you are going to feel, be, have the energies do and have life bring.

In this moment your choice is to be powerful, loving, successful, then the next moment and the next moment and so on until self-mastery.  By being in the moment you have full control over your thoughts, emotions, actions and you become king or queen of your domain.

By being in the moment you attain self-empowerment, which is giving yourself permission to be powerful, to be the best that you can be, to be Spirit in expression; it’s the choice to act to attain supremacy.  Give yourself that permission right now!

Realize that you are the voice, the sole voice of authority and you must take on your responsibility lovingly but with authority and determine what you are going to be, do and have in this moment.  Also, you must determine that which must now stop.  IE: The limitations and restrictions of humanness including the vile attacks of negative-ego that doesn’t serve you and has no value.

As master you are the mind, the brain behind the power and you get to pre-determine and determine what will be or is in the moment.  Remember, it’s important to be in the moment and let go of the moment.  If that moment is dis-empowering you will let go of that moment and make an empowering choice and be in that moment, which is the secret to mastery of any negative pattern or habit in your life.  It is also the secret to real and constant success in your reality.

In addition, from this day forth, when you make a wise choice and decision regarding a positive goal, you will willingly stand up for it and what this means is that you will willingly stand up now for yourself and the creation of your own true reality.  Example: It’s like in your space or bubble and via choices of love, abundance, joy, which you can see, feel and experience in the power of your higher Super-conscious-Spirit mind and when you make these choices you will willingly stand up for them for they have real value and worth and you are there now for you; this is part of loving and forgiving yourself, valuing and trusting yourself, respecting and honouring your true emotional nature.

Realize that you are important; you are a valuable person and you honestly do have impact.  IE: You can hurt people and you can love people, you can make people cry and you can make people laugh, you have impact; once recognizing, acknowledging and accepting that you have impact you can consciously direct that impact to be creative and productive in your reality.

You can consciously direct that power or impact to be, do and have whatever it is that you desire in your life simply because you have impact.  Realize that you are a powerful Being and you get to determine the happen-stance.  You can make it easy or difficult, positive or negative.  Let it be easy, pleasurable, successful, freeing and fulfilling now for you!”