Go With The Flow And You Will Know

You may be experiencing frustration with life and it’s important now to go with the flow and with Spirit. It sounds easy but you may be having an internal battle. Example: Desiring to be Spirit while having an internal counterpart.

The human part of you isn’t ready or understanding what it can now achieve in a different manner. It’s like having dreams and desires of what you want to be but finding it difficult to get the outline to enact it; it’s knowing that you need and want to change but not knowing the procedure to follow, and the human concepts are making it difficult but in truth it isn’t.

It’s like having to give up the human aspect and not knowing if you can, or how to accomplish it. It’s like you are battling your own Being and not trusting the Spirit way to pull it off. You have the desire but don’t trust in the action, and the human may be rebelling like a spoiled child. Example: The human aspect feels that it doesn't have control. The solution is to make friends with the Inner-Human emotional aspect of yourself. It’s like taking the hand of the Inner-Human Emotional You and drawing it into a higher dimension and thus showing the Inner-Human what it can now be and do. In the human mind it’s like severing the connection of the Human and Spirit; in the Spirit mind it’s becoming one.

At this stage in your life you are making new goals for you have a new attitude and it’s not the dreams of the human; it is now the ‘possibilities of the Spirit’, and that, the human doesn’t accept at this point. Example: The Inner-Human is saying “I don’t want to go there and be hurt or disappointed”. It is really fearful. Now, it is imperative to talk to that Inner-Human emotional aspect of yourself and teach it for it is the decision-maker, and before that it was the dreammaker.

Understand that the Inner-Human has always had dreams and goals, but now it is faced with something that is miraculously attainable, and it’s afraid; for if it goes there and fails, it has nothing, so it is resisting going there, for in its own mind that is a realm of fantasy,but this too is not  truth.

The Inner-human emotional-you has a fear of losing all, all hope, even all of its spiritual teachings.In the Inner-Human’s mind it’s all or nothing and that human part is holding onto what it has learned as if it was its very lifeline. It is like: to actually live in a state of real peace and power is not of the norm.

It’s of the utmost importance to change these patterns and actions, which are simple and bring peace. Example: Remember this line: It’s important now to go with the flow and with Spirit - that is your action. You must rely now on the Spirit power to create peace and wisdom, and the Evolved Human you must choose it.

The issue now is to take the human choice and decision and make it a reality. You must acknowledge the inner-human part of yourself now; you must be friends. Example: The Outer- Human, Inner-Human and Spirit-Self in total harmony and agreement in the trinity. It’s imperative to focus on this alliance in the trinity with a much deeper understanding. Realize, the goals of the human and the spirit are not that strange or different, but the utilization or application of it is.

At this point you must trust as you have never trusted before and you must make friends with the Inner-Human emotional-you. Realize: the human is fearful that it’s dying and that the spirit will completely take over, but the essence of the Human is its consciousness. Example: The spirit doesn’t make the choice and decision; the Evolved-Human does. This can now be the union of the Human and the Spirit in total oneness, hearing the voice of Sai Baba saying “You are your brother’s keeper”. Simply take the hand of the Inner-Human and walk together into enlightenment.