Everyone wants to be Spirit but are you hanging onto the human?

Close your eyelids: Now, think of one thing you did as human that you regret. Do you have it now? IE: Did you do something in your past that you wish you hadn’t? Are you still carrying that issue with you now? Is there something that you just cannot change but you carry the weight of the problem as your mental and emotional burden? You don’t have to share it but get ready to release it and replace it with something positive and fulfilling.

Determine in your mind, albeit human, that you no longer need to carry the weight. IE: The pain, hurt, guilt, sorrow and simply release it into the power [pure positive energy], like the sun, and it disappears forever, never to be part of you and your life ever again. Now, open your mind, consciousness to your Spirit-self and that pure unconditional love, the greatest healer of all and say, mentally or verbally: “I am not that person anymore and I choose to be Spirit and I am asking for your help to heal or lift those past humanistic aspects from me”; then, you are free to move into the pureness of love and the power of Spirit; to be Spirit in expression and action.


Your soul holds the desires of Human; your spirit is the maker of life. It’s that strength and love within that brings it into reality. We are one; accept it, enjoy it and live to the fullest. You are not alone – I am not alone; it’s the moulding of the two that makes it into a power that lives on and on.

Spirit is not the body born of flesh but a Being born of love and that is a power that is so pure it is indestructible. The blending of Human and Spirit is love, pure simple love. Trust in this power, know it can unite in a simple manner; feeling that love makes one whole and complete and one.

You have the power to create, not in the usual manner of Human but as a Spirit. Enjoy what is created and more energy comes in to replace what is used; a steady supply is available in all things.

When you stipulate what you want, know that it shall be. Realize you are not asking humanly but as Spirit, thus you are in command of your power in a more fruitful way rather than hoping and wishing as humans often do.

Spirit is not helpless in creating and manifesting; it holds the power as a mighty Being and knows life need not be the way of the Human.

Know your request [choice] as Spirit shall be. Are you making your choice as Human or Spirit? The choice as Human is weak; the choice as Spirit is powerful. Choices need to be from Spirit, in the realm of possibility and probability and truth with the power to manifest them into this physical reality.

The human says: “This is what I will do to have my dream reality”. The Spirit says: “This is what I will create to make the dream real”. Do you see the difference? Do you accept this to be true? If yes, then dream like a giant and make the dream real!

There are two Beings inside of you. Who is going to rule - Human or Spirit? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you treated everyone as the Spirit  Being you are? It isn’t just a wish; it must become your reality.