Your Life's Story

A star has fallen from heaven and descends to earth.  It looks around and does not see other stars but sees some lights of people.  But that light is diffused and weak and not as bright as you and to shine so brightly as it once did would draw attention and so the star dims its light in order to fit in, to be as others, for this is its new home.

What the star does not realize is that it was sent to earth to bring light but the star sees it as not fitting in, not accepted and maybe, not even welcomed so the light of the star stays dim.  The star is not being true to itself even not true to others for it has the power and wisdom and could be a guiding light while completing its mission on earth.

Now, you create the ending of this story.  Will the star shine forth or will it remain in its dim state so it fits in with others?  Your life is a choice.  The dreams, desires and longing for greater things to come began as a child but you are wiser now and know that what is in you must shine outwards.  It’s natural, it’s the true you, it’s your light upon the path you have chosen to walk.  Do you want to walk in darkness knowing you have the power to change it?  No, you do not; you desire to be Spirit, to convert the knowledge to power.

Knowledge is light and light has many meanings but we will focus on two of those meanings and blend them together.  But first, let’s start with a light as something you see, like a star.  A thought, intention and choice begin in the mind and become an image of what you desire; that is the beginning.

As the picture emerges from your thought, intention and choice then add power from the energy that exists within and around you; pure positive energy with a purpose becomes your reality but in your mind only.  Next you need to transfer that image into your world and most often that is when it starts falling apart in the human state.


You see, you can do all kinds of wonderful things in your mind but in your physical world they vanish.  This shows you that your human mind is interfering in your choices in that, you forgot you were Spirit.  It’s like having a pillow of feathers and then throwing a brick into the pillow; it’s no longer light, that is the second diffusion of light, its weight.

As your goal is always in your possession you cannot blame another for its loss.  A goal, all choices must be put into the light, the light of love, abundance and joy for that is a powerful energy and once having made the choice it is protected by the pure positive energy around it.  Realize it can only be changed by you for once the energies have the choice it is unstoppable; it has to create what it was directed to do.

Your enemy is your humanness, not others or what they think or say; it’s only you.  Having said that, why would you do this to yourself?  Have you been so attached to what others think of you that you accept less of yourself?  Do you need people to like or love you because you lack that from yourself?  Realize, you are Spirit; you do not need the human anymore.  You are where you should be – in the power; do not allow the human to determine what it wants and needs.  Rather, allow the Spirit-self to have control; you will only get the best.

~ A message from a mystical tree, of the higher dimensions of the Spirit realm