Meeting of the Aspects - An Assembly of One

It is standard practice to gather together and brain-storm an idea to determine what new and creative ideas can be applied for expansion and growth. In this ‘meeting of the minds’ everyone is free to express, contribute or rebut an idea or method and knows that no repercussions will face them, which makes the gathering work.

Now, the inspiration is to do the same with the aspects of the limited self for if every aspect could express freely and openly, would not harmony reside within the whole Being? Yes it most certainly would!

The participants in this meeting are the mental, emotional, physical and material aspects of the self. The objective of the meeting is the oneness with your higher or Spiritual Self - to be Spirit in expression and action and to become a nation in equality. The C.E.O. of the meeting is the mind - the mental aspect. This can, of course, change and perhaps should so every part of one’s self may experience that position. I should add that while the mind is initially the C.E.O. in this meeting, it too will eventually be Spirit or is, for remember it is for the Spirit that this meeting is being held.

The mind [mental aspect] opens with a welcome and outlines the agenda, intent or purpose for this meeting, which is to know exactly what each aspect is here to focus upon and that is to be Spirit in expression and action, to live a life fully and consistently in harmony, oneness, love and success.

“What say you?” There was a resounding ‘Aye’ from the other aspects of self. The mind continues: “we are here to individually and yet together do our part to discover, determine and create that lasting harmony and success that can be” … another resounding ‘Aye’.

The mind continues “We are here to listen to each individual aspect with an open, honest and sincere desire to assist one another and direct the power to the specific aspect in need and no aspect will be overlooked or left to fend for itself for united we all focus to attain the same goal and in this way we shall succeed” … and yet another resounding ‘Aye’.

At this point a calmness came over me, like a sigh that had been held for a long time and with the expelling of breath, a peaceful state filled the void. While this may sound strange to some, I knew I was onto something wonderful. It was the beginning of true harmony and oneness within for if I will just listen now to each aspect, be it positive or negative, I knew that whatever issue there may be it will now be completely resolved for aren't the various aspects of self simply trying to get our attention and to have us acknowledge them! Yes, I knew this was true and yet, do we always listen? No, we do not!

Now, in applying this simple, yet profound exercise daily or weekly by using your ability to imagine this meeting of the aspects and being open and willing to listen and to acknowledge the aspects within, you will quickly and easily evolve into being Spirit, the power and wisdom in expression and action. I was eager now to know what the emotional aspect would say so I asked for its insight.

The emotional aspect said “I am delighted we are all here and open to each other’s presence and are seeking to find the pathway to everlasting harmony and peace. In my emotional reality I have experienced a whole range of feelings, both learned and true emotions, and I must say that as I have evolved my feelings and emotions have become more stable, more of the true emotions, which hold true value and I openly admit that this state of feeling and expressing has given me great pleasure and enjoyment.”

“I realize that, as the emotional aspect, I have tremendous impact upon all other aspects for I am not alone and my state of feeling affects all states of being and action. However, to function now in complete harmony and to emotionally empower each other aspect in a unified and totally positive way truly excites and inspires me.”

“Well said” voiced the physical aspect. “I totally agree with you and as the power source that holds the pre-programmed energies within, I look forward to activating these elements consistently to live in peace, free of ailments and pain and to be in complete harmony with my brethren.”

All attention now turned to the material aspect: “My position is somewhat different than each of yours for my role is of the external manifestation, yet internal through desire and intention. I find myself more in the realm of those aspects wanting, wishing and fantasizing, where those aspects are not trusting, accepting or knowing what can be truly manifested in reality. I can only go where I am directed, which means in dreams or in the Spirit Realm or in the earthly world. Whether your intention is fully acknowledged and accepted is out of my hands but all is manifested.”

“I’m totally reliant on each other aspect of self to have ‘one voice’ in full agreement as to what each truly needs and desires, chooses and decides to be materialized. It doesn’t matter to me if it is a mental, emotional or physical manifestation or in a dream state or the earthly world but to question my ability and to ignore what is often created and to continue to have doubts that it can be, while still wanting and hoping, and to find fault or place blame in other aspects of self, should never be. Having said that I am now eager to unite with all other aspects as one for the talents, gifts and abilities of each individual aspect are truly powerful and united are magical and unstoppable.”

These words from the material aspect had a definite impact upon all of the other aspects of self and there was a momentary silence as each took in what was said but the silence was finally broken by all the aspects speaking at the same time; but soon order was gained and each aspect in turn expressed from the heart of their Being, mainly to the material aspect in gratitude and welcome.

All attention now turned to the mind: the mental aspect began to speak “From the human perspective I have made many mistakes through choices that were not wise and I have allowed my mind to wander and to be distracted by negative thoughts and memories where I found it in many strange places that did not do any service to life or advancement. However, now I shall be even more due-diligent in controlling my thoughts and memories so my mind does not wander aimlessly to humanistic ways and methods, negative expectations, limitations and restrictions.”

“We have all operated separately and now fully realize that does not work effectively or successfully. But, as an assembly of one we have the opportunity to make this life’s experience powerful, enjoyable, abundant and fulfilling. Each one of us has experienced the power individually and at certain times as a powerful unit functioning in harmony. Remember, we all hold the memory of that oneness and how life was different for we were then in control and wondrous results and events occurred.”

“Even though certain choices and decisions may not have been fully realized, something else always came forward as lessons, understanding, creativity and wisdom, which became even more worthy. Presently this meeting of the minds to sanction an assembly of one has been very enlightening and has brought forth a true alliance, which can only become stronger, where everyone profits and no one is excluded, overlooked or left behind for it is a harmony that touches all aspects deeply and completely.”

“With the connection made, the unity formed and all agreed it’s important to also remember that should any aspect require help in resolving an issue, they need only ask and it will be known to all and assisted by all. In this way we strengthen the unit into a more powerful and wise Being. In addition, should any aspect require an assembly or meeting again, simply send out the request and we shall all be there. Let us go forward now into feeling, being and expressing in action a life of oneness with the Spirit and the fulfillment of our destiny.”


Immediately after enacting the process of the meeting of the aspects we experienced a wonderful harmony, peace and inner strength. We knew that the Spirit essence within each aspect had blended and united with the realness of the higher or Spiritual-Self and this oneness produced an energy of true goodness and greatness. We felt differently, more introspective with enlightened awareness of our thoughts, emotions and actions and how choices truly impact each aspect of the self. Wants and needs also kept rising into our consciousness and while we thought they were more of the dreaming state, we realized these human wants can become obsessions to a point of being negative, whereas the need to be creative and productive, to know, to understand and the need to be Spirit is totally positive.

Again, this brought forth the realization that obsessing over anything, rather than enjoying life is very human. It’s all in one’s attitude for it is important to enjoy the journey, not just the destination, which is also imperative in attaining one’s goals. Everything must now change; humanistic ways, methods, expectations, habits and judgments must completely fall away so one may function as the ‘Living Spirit’ in this earthly world.

From the evolving human perspective, to be Spirit in expression and action, one must step inward and unite the aspects of self into a nation of equality where each aspect evolves together in harmony and peace as an assembly of one. Understand this for it is truly important! These aspects of self hold the key to the kingdom and once truly knowing them, first their human side and then what they genuinely desire, which is the oneness, they will co-create together to manifest a Spirit reality; a reality of happiness, peace, harmony, health, expansion, success and joy.