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“Who is in control of your life, your dreams and your destiny? A choice must be made to end the conflict within; not a want but a choice, and you must stand by your choice. Which will give you the most out of life: human or Spirit? Make a choice and go for it. Ask for help in making your choice and ask for help in accepting your decision.”

“Control over situations is not necessarily the resolution of a problem but your personal control over yourself. Situations require a clear mind, a mind that seeks resolution when chaos is all you see. The point is: you do not have to resolve the issue but simply control yourself, your action, which brings control to every situation.”

Miracle Moments With Spirit


Individuality is who you are creating; Spirit is who you are becoming; when you have only yourself to rely on you begin to trust it. Example: You are your own confidence and value, love and joy, richness and success. You are all individual people gathered together in the name of family, friends, loved ones, or, in the establishment of organized religions, politics, science, industry and technology. Units are important but the true unit is between mind, body and soul, between Human and Spirit, between Spirit and power and wisdom.

When you understand individuality you detach yourself from the human ties that bind and you treat all equally. It severs human concepts of unity and loyalty. Be loyal to yourself, the trueness of yourself. Example: Does a choice of loyalty produce a feeling of love towards the power source? Is there victory in being in the power source? Or - is it loyalty to others and their issues that makes your day? Value is determined by your loyalty to yourself – false loyalty serves no one. After all, doesn’t the Being you are becoming or are have the most wondrous, positive power and your best interests at heart? Sever the hold of other’s expectations for they are not yours but only in the mind of others. Be your own person – free to be all you need to be; knowing you desire only the highest and the best. You have principles, morals and character; begin to rely on those fine qualities to live your own life. You will still share with others but you are not dependant or reliant on them.

You are an individual Spirit Being; what you are sharing or expressing is your individuality, your talents, gifts and abilities, who and what you really are. You are not individually responsible for another’s issues. Yes, you will help but not make it your issue any longer.

Everyone must be an individual but in life, human life, there is no individuality. Example: Individuality of life; individuality of your own person. The issue is the human perspective of love and family loyalty; this is the connection. This is where a person gets lost and gives up their freedom or true individuality. You must throw out the human hat and put on your halo. Example: Your individual true self. Those nearest and dearest to us cause us the most problems because we think we are responsible for them. Be responsible for your happiness and success, not others. Be responsible for yourself then you can share or express who and what you really are. Start looking at your own thoughts, emotions and actions, mind, body and soul as one unit that works together. See, feel and experience the energy all flowing, harmonizing and working together.


Individuality, in a spiritual sense, means: not being divided inside one’s own self. It’s the unity of your thoughts, emotions and actions. It’s what you choose to see, feel and experience. As an evolving Being you get to determine what you will see, feel and experience as an individual where you retain choice, control, creation; all aspects. It’s an action united into one Being for one purpose which is totally separate from others but doing that which is right and appropriate for that is who and what one is.

There is so much emphasis placed on others that one may lose their own identity in trying to be all to others and in the process are nothing to themselves. Then, the reverse is taken where one is so focused on themselves they feel segregated from others and they grasp onto sharing humanly as a means to be part of the group. While that sounds better and in many cases makes one feel better, for now they have something to contribute to the world; it’s still a human act that has a reason, a motive behind it and requires human thoughts as to who is worthy of what one has, who needs it, who wants it and so on. No one can actually share in this manner for it has so much humanness and judgment behind it that it loses its value. That is not to say one will not share but if done with this intention it is a human act.

Individuality, in the true sense, is having everything that you are, working as one, being one in all its goodness and greatness. So, whatever you are being, doing and expressing is in every thought, emotion, action, choice and decision; in everything you are seeing, feeling and experiencing throughout every aspect of the self and in all of life itself.

Think of your inner soul self for a moment: all those elements, pre-programmed energies, the power and wisdom that are not individual anymore for one choice gets all from love to resolution. Example: “All I am is in all I choose and do; all the elements, all the power and wisdom”. One choice needs all and as you are the power you have control; any choice of an element can be created. Do you understand what is happening? There is a flow of power that moves through and around you so what you are is an individual in the power and wisdom.

The true sense of individuality is the element that you choose to bring into your thoughts, emotions and actions; and especially the action part now. If you brought into your actions love, positivity, truth – that makes you an individual Being.

Then there is the other part, in that, there must be an openness and willingness to let into all aspects of your human self this love, positivity and truth. So, your individuality is not only what you choose to bring into your actions but also how much of this love, positivity and truth [all the elements] you are willing to let in and to openly express in action. This is what constitutes your true individuality.

Initially you must become aware of the human actions that you are taking in your life. When you become aware of them you realize that they don’t have any power or wisdom in those actions and then you are consciously determining to bring the elements or pre-programmed energies, not only into your thoughts and emotions, but also now into your actions.

It is not the time spent on any particular action that is important but the choice one makes of which element[s] they will use in that action that is important; then it’s the joy of being in the action taken.

The emphasis has always been on the ‘being’; to be all that you can be with the power from the choices that one makes. The doing is a natural step that follows the being but it’s not deliberate; it’s simply a part of what you already are being. The having is the result of what you are, the Being you are, the choices you make, which takes action by doing something, even if it’s only seeing, feeling and experiencing it in your higher consciousness for that is the personal acknowledgment of who and what you really are. In truth, the being, doing and having are not separate parts to perform but naturally follow the process to completion.

Individuality become the key to ‘oneness’ for it separates you from the humanness and mass-consciousness of the world, which makes you responsible for your own choices or your own thoughts, emotions and actions or what you are going to see, feel and experience in the reality of your own mind and your world. And yet, individuality may just make you an intrinsic part of the world as an example and inspiration that proves one can be all by being an individual; alone but self-reliant, in control, powerful and evolving into more.

Individuality is not sharing through the human concepts but being and expressing all that you are and others may see, feel and experience that power and choose to benefit from it or not. Let the power work for you. Don’t make it a power to work on; make it your power to live in. You are the choice-maker only and one choice gets all the power and wisdom; it’s simply a matter of determining what you desire in this moment and all is provided.

Take Control of Life Instead of Letting Life Control You!

In asking Spirit what more could they teach us, they replied “Master the energies”. The human must take control of the energies in order to change life, to have life be what you desire it to be. You have learned to take the positive out of negative situations, to transform them to what you want [love, healing, pleasure; success] and you have been successful. We are not reducing the importance of this action.

At this point: [1] You can control the situation when it occurs and change what isn't worthy or [2] You can control situations before they occur and create with the energy you have before it becomes negative, before it requires change. This is advanced spiritual knowledge that requires an understanding of yourself, your human thoughts and capabilities.

Control is so misunderstood for it is a human concept, which holds both positive and negative. Control to the human is adapting to whatever it is, changing it through thoughts, monitoring the emotions, taking the appropriate action and not giving in to negative situations and events. Example: This is what I have to work with so I may as well make the most of it. It’s simply taking whatever comes along and trying to make the best of it, but it is certainly not controlling what comes. Example: If life gives you lemons then make lemonade. That is doing something positive from what life gives you; that is a form of human control.

But where is the control in what life gives you? You say “Well, I can’t control that” or “I am doing the best I can, I can’t control every situation that comes into my life; I can barely hang on with what little control I have and now you are saying I am to control what life brings to me”. That is exactly what we are saying: to take control of what life brings to you for that is within your power to control. It’s your life and you control the events that come into your life, not after they have come in but before they come in; that is what is necessary to learn, to understand and to control. Let us go back to the example of making lemonade out of lemons: What if you don’t like lemonade; what will you do then? You have tried to make something good out of something sour. A positive action, yes, but why does life bring you lemons in the first place?

Control now, is determining what life will be; not controlling what is but what life will bring, what will occur. This is a quantum leap, an expansion of your control and will require on your part a new perspective, new visions and new insights. It’s taking control of events before they happen by determining what you desire life to be and bring. Understand, you are controlling your life, not other’s, but anything that relates to your thought process, that which affects you emotionally, that which touches you in certain ways, is within your means to control. Where you control them is entirely up to you. You can do it before it enters your system or after it has entered your system. If you do it before, you become emotionally detached and you have much greater control. The choice is easier to make while it is outside of you so that when it enters your space it gives only the best of results, the most effective means and the most powerful energies; that is control.


1. The human perspective: someone is negative; you respond positively, which is good.

2. The Spirit perspective: not expecting or accepting any negatives; and you don’t have any.

3. Pre-determining what you desire to happen before you do anything or go anywhere. A vacation - determining that it will be one of the best ever.

Yet, everyday experiences that affect you personally are accepted as a fact of life and never controlled before they happen but controlled to some degree while happening. It’s not programming your life moment by moment but determining what this day will be, bring and how you will handle certain situations. It’s having energy left over for the pleasures of life or unexpected surprises that you will welcome into life. It’s being and doing what is truly needed and desired with positivity, pleasure and simplicity, not with negativity, pain and complexity.

Many of the things you do, which may not be pleasant but necessary, have an expectation to them so you gear yourself up for the task, the fight or situation. Why? Why must it always be that way? - Because you expect it. You have never said it could be different. You have never planned, programmed or pre-determined that it will be different and so it continues the same, over and over, again and again. You have learned to live with it or fight it but now you can control the situation by determining it will be different. First, it’s awakening and activating an energy or charisma about you that attracts only the very best [love, abundance, joy] the essence of who you truly are because you have determined ‘It is so’.

You have never determined who and what you really are; only what you want to be. Yes, in your mind you are working on it but it is not you now. It’s what you are striving to be. You have the right intentions. You may have some results but it’s not continuous because it is only part of your thoughts and not energy programmed to be, always, continuously; it’s selective application of an ideal.


Think of people who have a presence about them. They are aware, positive, confident, compassionate, successful, generous Beings. Why not you? Why are you not all these elements and more, in every thought, word, emotion and action, every moment, every day, in every situation and reality in life? You ask for things you need when the need arises. If it was already a part of you would the need arise? If you were love, abundance, power, trust and success, there would be no negative need.

It’s imperative now to create a Being that you will be proud to be and express those qualities in all that you do. You have so much control but you only use it when desperately needed and then you must fight your own negative thoughts.


- Am I able to create this in a crisis?

- Am I powerful enough?

- Have I really activated those elements within?

- Is it really working; that is if you even remember to put it into effect?


Control is stating where the power or elements will be in the aspects of self and life, where it will serve you the best and what it will produce in the life that you live. Example: It’s directing the power of the energies to their final result and determining “it is so – now”.

It’s not that you don’t know how to control but you don’t know all that you could control. When you are using the power of the energies you are in control of the results and you get what you control.

Look at your goals and ask yourself if you have programmed them into your life. Or, are they just in your thoughts? You have been given life, qualities and elements to make life easy. You have talents, gifts and abilities to enhance life. You have the ability to make wise choices and decisions; you have true or empowering emotions, a higher Super-conscious-Spirit mind and self and the creative force of the energies. Are you going to use all that you have just to survive in life or, are you going to use all that you have to create a true reality of health, wealth and happiness in your personal life?


So much of life is habit, following the examples of others, all the time longing for something better, easier, more fulfilling and rewarding, but never determining what will be, what you will do to make changes. It’s easier to repeat the actions of others even if you don’t like them, than to change, for then you open yourself up to criticism, perhaps failure, where you have only yourself to blame. Yet, you never stop dreaming of what could be and unfortunately the dreams are far more interesting than life so you keep the dreams.

To change, to give yourself the pleasures of life, to take control of life instead of life controlling you, each day, program what you expect the day to be, to bring. It must be more than the past; it must be pleasurable, enjoyable, fulfilling, rewarding, expanding, energizing and easy. It must give you more than you give your physical action; it must give you more than you give it. You give it your thoughts, emotions and actions and it gives you success. That is where you get more out of what you give. The results far exceed the effort.

As it is now, you put more effort into such small results and feel overcome and tired at the continuous task to simply survive, not excel. Reverse the program. Let life give to you rather than you giving to life. You determine what life is by programming what you want in life, which gives you the right to the reality that you want to create, rather than waiting for life to throw something at you and using all your strength to survive, frightened, bruised; weak and anxiously awaiting the next ordeal. Sometimes, life surprises you and you receive things you didn’t expect but life throws in a monkey wrench and fouls up the system. Maybe you didn’t envision it but you expected it or accepted on some level that something would happen to destroy your happiness and it surely did. You just can’t accept that life will go smoothly; there has to be something to work on, to overcome and you validate it by saying “It will make me stronger, better” and you determine that you will gain from it.

Why must you insist on learning in this way? Is it not just an expectation that life brings things to you, whether you like them or not, and so you rise to the occasion and make lemonade? When your life is so full of the wondrous pre-determinations and determinations that you have chosen there will be no time for the unexpected to happen, at least not to you. It may happen to others but that is where detachment from the mass-consciousness comes in. Their problems do not become your problems. Life is what you take on at birth in human form and is determined by you as you gain conscious awareness. It need not be a repetition of your ancestors’, caregivers’ and parents’ human ways, for each life is individual, original and unique.


Determine what your life will be and bring; stop the insanity of human acceptance that you can’t do anything about it and start a life of pleasure, fulfilment and peace. It’s within your means. Are you willing to take control of something so precious that you will do everything within your power to persevere but never take control by determining what you expect and accept is right for you? It’s your life. Take control and make it what you truly desire; program for what you need it to be and bring, which allows and attracts the reality, dream and destiny to you. Get off the path of human concepts of life and onto the path of power, wisdom, knowing and enlightenment. It’s a much easier path to follow with positive results along the way; it’s taking control of life and finding mastery, magic and miracles, which holds no impossibilities; everything and anything can happen; it’s imagination and fantasy made real.

A True Purpose: To Be The Power Of Love...

“A true purpose must always precede humanness or material goals. Follow your heart, but know where your heart leads you. Everyone comes into this life with a purpose and as such, has been given the ability to enact that purpose in their life. It would make no sense to have a purpose without the ability to use it. Often the purpose is forgotten but the ability remains active and is used in other areas, sometimes causing more pain than pleasure because one does not understand the ability they hold but reacts or misplaces it and then wonders what went wrong.

While everyone holds many abilities there is always one that is more dominant than others and while the desire is strong, the understanding is lacking and it is this lack that creates confusion, pain and helplessness. You think of talents and abilities as something you can learn, and yes, many things can be gleaned from the teachings of others, but some are natural, inborn and inherent.

Now, in this particular instance, we are speaking of the innate ability to love. Some of you may not think of this as any great ability and we say this, not to lessen the importance of love, but rather to stress the significance of a power that may lay dormant. While everyone has the capability to love, have you ever given any thought that it could be more than ability, but your true purpose and mission in life? Ask yourself: What is the one thing you have been searching for that has been illusive? What is the one thing you have wanted more than anything; is it not love?

Now, you could say everyone wants love and this is true, they do, but sometimes someone comes along who holds that ability so strongly, has the capacity of love, that it surpasses all else and that someone may be you. It may have literally dominated your life in the search for love, it may have been a major factor in so many areas and you wanted it from so many [parents, teachers, friends, spouses] but it was never forthcoming or to the degree that you wanted or needed it. That was because intuitively and internally you know the true meaning of love, for you have that ability; it is your purpose, mission and power.

Now, you may have awakened, activated and amplified your love element and seen, felt and experienced the impact as it surged forward, but have you thought of this love as being special, as being your personal power, talent, gift, purpose and mission in life?

The search for one’s true purpose is often overlooked or misdirected. It’s like looking for something and becoming so involved in the search that you forget what you were originally looking for. Example: The need to get love from others may have distracted you from the need to be love yourself. We are not speaking of human love but the love that surpasses all love, the love that holds the goodness and greatness, trueness and pureness of your Spirit-Self, which is released to the world.

At times this great love will surge forward and others see, feel and experience it, which may stun or overwhelm them, or in some cases frighten them and it may actually stun you too. But, if you release it with knowingness and have a little better understanding of the power within your love and see it as your true purpose and mission in life, you will have control over it. If you are one of these special individuals who have this precious ability, this true purpose, you now need to apply it in life - to your own life. Keep in mind that love is the most powerful element of all. It encompasses all aspects of self and life, it gives life to everything; it’s a living thing unto itself.

Now, where will you place this power of love? That may seem like a strange question, but suddenly you are aware of this unique ability, which has expanded into your true purpose in life and you need to realize all that can be touched by this great power you hold within. Remember, you are not using this power solely for yourself for it now encompasses a much bigger picture because it is being presented to the world, by you and through you, where what you are, what you do, what you have, is being displayed to others.

Your Love Power will expand far beyond you for it is your purpose and mission in life and cannot be contained to a single function, but must be released to the world. It is not any different than a gifted Medium who gives Spirit messages to others, or a Healer who relieves pain, suffering and disease. Yes, it is their gift, their ability, but it helps so many more. Therefore, a true purpose must go beyond you; it must be more than you, so we repeat: where will you place this great power of love? The simple answer is to place that love in everything you do; that means your work, in daily necessities, in pleasure, in business and in all of life.

What is the primary element that people see, feel and experience about Sai Baba, the Man of Miracles from India? It is his abundance of love, pure love, his capacity to hold such great goodness and greatness, and not have to do anything to have it seen, felt and experienced by millions.

What was the primary message Jesus taught to the people? It was love, the gentlest, but most potent power of all.

When you are so focused on being your own power of love you naturally let it flow outwards, which touches others, helps and heals others, but there is no deliberate or intentional act on your part. You would be simply being who and what you are and letting that power work for you.  However, you need to be more specific in the beginning, to have a distinct direction, to place this love power in one area and keep expanding it into more areas. You need to know your abilities are working, for as you see, feel and experience the results, you will apply those abilities into more defined areas.

In life you find abilities to do certain things and you may focus on them as your true purpose, but as you evolve you find other areas arise and you may apply yourself to those, solely or jointly. Many feel they must give up one in favour of another and not realize all may unite. Or, they find that some areas are more enticing and give up some of the old. That choice is solely yours but you need never give anything up that you love to be, do or have; simply amalgamate it with your true purpose and let everything become more, bigger and better.


Are you prepared to let your love purpose come forward? Are you ready to be the love, to set aside any fears that others will destroy what you are and what you hold? Are you willing to go the distance? We feel you are ready, but that does not mean anything until you are feeling it inside you, when you are willing to release the love you hold, when you know it is safe and you no longer have to protect your love, but in fact your love will protect you; then you can advance.

In many ways you have been the defender of your love, you have kept it secure inside, away from the harshness of your world; you have attempted to preserve its purity. That does not mean you have not been loving. One cannot hold such great power without receiving the effects of that power, but imagine what it would be like when you simply allowed that power to flow from you. What great and wondrous benefits you would receive from being in the centre of this love rather than the residue that comes off of it. However much you thought you were a loving Being is only a drop in the ocean or a solitary grain of sand on the beach compared to the quantity and quality of love you have within.

This may seem like an extreme example, but this is what you determined to be, prior to your arrival on earth. You chose this purpose and it was mutually agreed upon by all, yourself included. It was not given to you or forced upon you unwillingly, and now that purpose needs to be enacted in you and in your world. A purpose such as yours is like a solemn vow. It is a pledge to do all you can, within your means, to fulfil and create that goal in the life you are living. When the time is right for it to surface or to be activated, the power within starts the process, ever so slowly in the beginning but then accelerates as the person accepts their role.

In the beginning, you need to see, feel and experience how it will affect you and others; you need to see the power in its true form and then follow through on your purpose. Now, the time has come. You may feel you are not ready or prepared, but let me assure you that if it were not right we would not be giving this message. It is really not that difficult for you do not have to do anything; you will just be more. You are simply letting your power of love out. You are in a sense setting it free so it can produce and create more, so it can affect more areas and of course, more people. Again we repeat, not intentionally or deliberately, for when you do that, you are designating where and to whom it shall go, and that is not freedom, but restriction. Let us give you some examples, so you understand fully:  You see someone hurting or in pain, compassion rises within you and that releases the power of love, which touches them in some way, or it may heal them, be it mind, body or soul and you, in fact, have helped them without helping in the usual human way. Your life does not change that dramatically for you will still do all the things you are doing or desire to do but you will do it with love, with a power that exceeds humanness and a power that gives so much more. In other words, you can heal, teach, counsel, learn and play, or whatever you desire to do and have love in everything. You are not just in the power of love; you are in a place of love.

We do not want to influence your answer or put undue pressure on you, but at the same time we do want to show the need for this power in your world and in humanity. We [the Spirit Guides] are not asking you to be the saviour of the world, but we are asking for your help. You may have never expected that we would be requesting your assistance but we are. So many people arrive in the spirit world, broken and lost, with purposes unfulfilled, emotionally drained or filled with fear; not of where they are but from the fear that resides in the physical, material world. This means they will have to repeat another incarnation, which means the energies become unbalanced in that there are more negatives than positives and it makes life even more difficult for the human. This also means that more must be done on both worlds for less are adding to the light of truth and love as the events and happenings in the physical, material world keeps unfolding.

Another aspect are the diseases that have caused havoc in the material world; as soon as one cure is found, another more debilitating disease surfaces, usually worse that the first, so fear and pain become a common aspect of life. We are not presenting the negatives to play on your heartstrings but to show the need for enlightened and powerful people in this world. It is extremely rare that we, of the Spirit, ask for the assistance of those we have been privileged to work with and serve, but when one sees or knows of their true purpose and are willing to let that purpose evolve and when we know how that purpose will serve so many, we also take the opportunity to ask for their help. Together we can be a force of love that will return the balance of energy on an even par and could in fact, turn things into more positive energy, giving more a better opportunity for goodness and greatness. While this may cause you to ponder your life and perhaps cause all kinds of questions to rise, know those questions will be answered; open your mind and heart to the wisdom within the power, and all of us [the Spirit Guides] here in spirit realm will be there to assist each and every one of you.” The Spirit of Love.


I’ll let you know right now that I have a passion for anchoring in the pureness of love and the richness of Spirit, which has moved me through the limitations and restrictions of mass-consciousness and humanness to bring me to the realization of a true purpose and mission in life… to be the power of love. It’s a passion for truth and simplicity, the secret of life – energies, which always follow the thought, intention and choice to a path of success: a passion for feeling the sweetness of true emotions and being in the moment, a passion for the energies of trust and acceptance and letting in the fullness of pleasure… and a passion for the wonder and power of being Spirit, whereby dreams and visions become a positive future.


Throughout my life I have been blessed to have enlightened mentors and inspired leaders to guide my way, especially intimate conversations and true life experiences with numerous Spirit guides, my higher [Spirit] self and soul, the universal God power… an angel, magical fairies, extraterrestrial Beings and even a mystical tree, of the higher dimensions of the spirit realm.

When you perceive and conceive from someone or something that is seemingly impossible in your human world yet holds so much wisdom and guidance on your path of evolution, you know that it is truth. I feel I have something to share that will bring magic and miracles into your life as it has brought into my life; that energy of empowerment is coming to you and it is coming by someone who has served their apprenticeship and done their due-diligence.

This information is real and it impacts you and those around you for when you get connected to the power and wisdom, everything works in your life; nourish yourself with the knowledge and inspiration… I love what it has done for my life and I know it can do the same for yours.

For a seeker of truth, there is always a light… see you on the inside!

~ Larry Wayne

In a lot of ways life is like a menu...

Appetizers: True knowledge and common sense. My enlightened friend and mentor Dr. J.W. Cruppe says “The average person has an enormous amount of common sense because they haven’t used any of it yet.

Entrées: Wise choices and decisions, true love of self; inner trust and acceptance, the secret of life – energies, and P.O.W.E.R. - Personal - Oneness - Within - Every - Reality.

Desserts: The sweetness of true emotion; feeling, being and expressing in the moment with real mastery and control and letting in the fullness of pleasure.

Drinks: Light, truth and simplicity, which aids in the assimilation of goodness and greatness, richness and success, magic and miracles, which holds no impossibilities; everything and anything can happen - it’s imagination and fantasy made real.

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