A Miraculous Healing

A few months ago I was contacted by a lady in the USA who was just diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.  After submerging herself in the life transforming Spiritual Audio Programs and sending her distance healing, she is now cancer free.  Read her amazing story below. ~ Larry Wayne

“Just a few months ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 A, Grade 3 Breast cancer. Grade 3 is the fastest growing, and very aggressive cancer. There were 2 tumors in my right breast, cancer in 4 lymph nodes and two lymph tumors. Scary stuff indeed. The surgeon told me that I would need a mastectomy, lymph nodes removed, chemotherapy and radiation as my protocol. I asked about other options, but was informed that this was it…..So even though I had never met Larry, I felt drawn to call him that same day and ask for his healing grace, which he did without hesitation.

Although Larry lives in Calgary and I live in Tennessee he became my quiet in my storm as he helped me navigated my new life with cancer. He took so much time to guide me and listened to my fears. His emphasis on working with Spirit has made all the sense in the world to me, and his CD program is excellent. Since my initial discussion with Larry and with his wisdom and healing expertise, I have experienced an inner calmness over the last few months and I have dealt with cancer with peace and acceptance. I have the emotional energy to be gentle with both my cancer and myself.  I would have had a tough time finding my way through the fear and anxiety of living with cancer without Larry’s loving compassion and caring spirit.

There are two more loving beings; doctors in the Spirit world, who work with Larry—Dr. Cruppe and Dr. Bernadt.  Both are never far from my thoughts, and their power to heal is undisputed in my case. Knowing that they are powerful in their healing ability gave me the courage to go ahead with surgery but forgo any Chemotherapy or Radiation. When my oncologist told me that I would have only 42% chance of surviving 3-5 years if I did not go ahead with the protocols, I simply fired him. My belief in natural and spiritual healing methods became all important to me.

The results were amazing. After Larry’s healing and six weeks from my diagnosis, my tumors had not grown at all (Expected to double in that time), but had shrunk. Upon examination the doctor downgraded the tumors from aggressive grade 3 to grade 2. By early July my CA2729 tumor marker test result was a 7. Readings under 38 indicate normal, over 38 shows cancer activity. A very accurate HGC test performed in August was also excellent. The doctor suggested that the miniscule reading was likely to be microscopic residue from the cancer.

My life is full, happy and healthy, just months after a devastating diagnosis. My recovery has been quite incredible.  I have not heard of anyone else having such a successful response in this short time period. I have not met Larry, but he feels like an old friend that I can feel in my soul. Calling him was the single most important decision I have made in my quest to heal myself. He was caring and loving enough to ensure that I had the very best healers ’ assigned to my case’. Both Doctor’s Cruppe and Bernadt have intervened in ways that I do not fully understand, but I will always be thankful and grateful for their healing help. The results speak for themselves. I feel safe now.

Larry is known as The Spiritual Pathfinder with good reason. I highly recommend going to his website truehealingways.com. His audio programs are amazing. I simply had to buy the bundle set as it includes all of his best sessions.
Thanks Larry. With Love and Appreciation,”

Kate Steward