Being The Light In Mass-Consciousness

Stepping out of the mass-consciousness brings you face to face with the spirit of the human. Example: The Outer and Inner Human, which is the power and control of the human aspect. It’s the essence of the human - the thinking, feeling, acting, and beingness of the human. It is you, the true, human you. It is the part of you that dreams, desires and longs to be more.

The mass-consciousness says “You can dream but don’t expect your dreams to come true”. The mass-consciousness keeps everyone powerless, or at least the majority, but Spirit consciousness gives everyone power and wisdom for those who will accept. One is forced upon you [Example: mass-consciousness]; the other [Super-conscious/Spirit] is your individual choice. Which will you now choose? It’s not putting faith in what could be but putting faith in what is now. Yes, by all means dream but make those dreams present; make them real, fact and truth. Make them part of your reality now.


Stepping out of the mass-consciousness means you are stepping away from how other people think, feel, act and create. It’s giving up the norm and creating something new. That means thinking differently and most important, feeling differently; then, your actions will be different as well. You are creating a reality that you choose and decide; a place of creativity, love, positivity, confidence, richness, success and fulfilment.


The process of detaching from mass-consciousness is a very simple but powerful exercise, which you only do before going to sleep every night. You don’t do it in your waking hours because in the detachment exercise you are not only detached from mass-consciousness but from your Super-conscious/Spirit-Self as well, and you need the oneness with Super-conscious/Spirit to function effectively in your daily endeavours. The detachment exercise is imperative because the human part eventually releases its dependency, reliance and human negative-need to find its own power and unite fully with Super-conscious/Spirit or the power and wisdom; to co-create in a reality of love, abundance and joy.

Remember, you cannot take your humanness and negative-ego into Super-conscious/Spirit or the power and wisdom, therefore, in detaching from mass-consciousness, you will recognize, acknowledge and release these aspects to be one with your true potential and power.

Now, to put into action the detachment exercise, before sleep each night, imagine in your mind a stage, and on the left side of the stage is the mass-consciousness of which you are in. On the right side is your Spiritual-Self radiating light, beauty and power. In the middle of the stage is a spotlight, and as you step away from the group in the mass-consciousness into the spotlight, detached from mass-consciousness and also your Spiritual Self. In the spotlight, you ask mentally or inwardly, to see, feel and experience what the true human part of you is capable of being, doing and having [Example: The Outer and Inner Human you], then simply let yourself fall asleep. Remember, this exercise is to discover who you are, the human you, the power of the true human you.

In a sense, it’s like standing back and watching yourself in the spotlight and you will begin to see, feel and experience in dream or vision format, what you are really capable of being and doing, which is now so very important. It’s seeing, feeling and experiencing your true, human power and potential within, which are your true emotions and true values, and the realization of the true power and control behind your choices and decisions, which are as powerful as Spirit, and were all placed within the truer human part of you by Spirit itself.

One human part of you [The Outer Human] is looking at the other human part [The Inner Human], at that power, and that is what you are going to utilize - this treasure of potential and power, which we call the pre-programmed energies or elements. There is a part of you [The Soul] that knows right and wrong, good and bad, and it’s not being utilized fully.


If you had no help from anyone else, how would you survive? It’s now finding that power and strength within the self [the heart and soul of you], which holds the goodness and greatness of the Spirit itself.


In the spotlight, detached from mass-consciousness and Super-conscious/Spirit, ask that one part of you what it has or is. Remember, the outer part is watching the inner part to see, feel, experience and know how powerful, talented and gifted it is. You are learning and discovering the power, wisdom and trueness of the real, human you. It’s like from the Bible: ‘Know Thyself’.

There is a denial of one’s human power because mankind has bought into the idea that you can never be as powerful or as good as Spirit, and that is not truth. There is also a fear of looking at the Inner Human emotional side, in that it might not be true that it is power and goodness. The fear is: what if it isn’t? But, what if it is? And, of course, it truly is.

Understand that when you do the detachment exercise, two things will occur:

1.  All humanistic aspects that are restricting, limiting or blocking your potential and power, will be brought into the light so you may recognize, acknowledge and release them. Example: Remember this expression: ‘The heart cannot heal what the eye cannot see, not even in the twilight zone’. In your sleep state, you will be aware of a lot of activity even though you may not remember all of it. However, you must set down a rule that, in the morning you will recognize, acknowledge and recall what has transpired, so the aspects of humanness will be released. Now remember this may not come to you immediately in the morning but when you set down that rule, you begin to get glimpses and insights of this throughout the day.

Understand that the Spirit method of processing through this phase will be simple, effective and complete. When you become aware of an aspect of humanness or negatives that arise during your day and your everyday daily activities, you are to think about them like a snarling dog on a chain. And the reason the dog is snarling is because you are holding onto it, for it’s a misplacement of safety and value on a negative, a learned emotion or learned self-value that has no value.

Then, simply imagine yourself letting go of the chain, and the snarling dog takes off and the restricting, limiting, negative pattern is gone forever. No more processing, dwelling or work, work, working on things, but just accepting - it is done. Remember to remind yourself that you are willing to look at but not feel the negatives or the humanistic aspects that may arise; then you won’t react and lose temporary control.

2. When you recognize, acknowledge and recall a true positive about yourself [a talent, a gift, an ability of goodness and greatness of the trueness of you], you are to let yourself see, feel, experience and truly embrace and accept it so you will become that power, wisdom, pre-programmed energy or element to let it fully in. Now this is the process that you go through in detaching from mass-consciousness and we suggest that you focus on it each night for at least a month and to follow through on these steps very carefully.

Understand that this is a very simple but a very powerful exercise, and also understand that detachment runs very deep. Initially you begin to detach from the thoughts, emotions and actions of mass-consciousness, the ways and methods of the humanistic world and you begin to attach to the power and wisdom, to Super-conscious/Spirit. This awareness and understanding will evolve in progressive dimensions until eventually you are totally detached from mass-consciousness and totally attached to Super-conscious/Spirit, the power and wisdom.