Understanding The Value That You Are

“Where is your value? Where do you feel you have value?” This is a very important question to ask for it determines one’s perspective. In answering this question honestly most people say “Well, my value is in my profession, career, in being of service to others, in loving others, in being a true friend, a good mother or father…”, and I am not saying there isn't an element of value in those actions but if you notice – that value is always placed in the external.

When you place your value outside yourself you get into: first, the pattern of self-sacrifice and you sacrifice your time, energy and resources. As you have put the value outside yourself, you must get that sense of self-validation from others [praise, recognition, acceptance, love, approval…] but you can never get enough of it and you end up feeling powerlessness, hopelessness, frustration and anger. Next, negative-ego attaches itself to this humanistic pattern and then you may sacrifice even your loved ones to get this sense of self-validation. From the un-awakened human perspective, people will do anything to get it because if they don’t receive this sense of self-validation from the external, they don’t feel they have purpose and without purpose they have no reason to live, so they will do anything to get it. And, as negative-ego is attached to this action, it is insatiable, but when you go within – that is a totally different matter.

Then, from the pattern of self-sacrifice, people get into the pattern of self-sabotage because they don’t know the value they are. They are carrying a lack of deservability so they let themselves go so far and then they sabotage it, for, from the human perspective, they don’t deserve to be one with their potential and power, they don’t deserve to have true love in their life, they don’t deserve to have real and constant success in their reality; only just enough to survive. They will allow themselves to learn about metaphysics and spirituality but they won’t let it in. They will not internalize or emotionalize the knowledge where they become it.

Then, from the pattern of self-sabotage they get into the pattern of self-punishment and beat themselves up with their thoughts, words, doubts, worries, fears, failures, pain, inconsistency and complacency. And, of all the patterns I've seen, lack of self-value, lack of self-worth and lack of self-esteem are the most destructive. Everyone initially is in these patterns in varying degrees unless they are born enlightened where they know and accept fully the value they truly are.

To resolve this issue of lack of self-worth you must first, consciously and intellectually understand why you are and have value and the reason is because of who you are. Who you are is a Spirit Being and the trueness of the human you [Soul] holds the essence of the pre-programmed energies or elements of goodness and greatness within [love, positivity, richness, beauty, power, wisdom and more], which has extreme value. You are born with worth. You don’t need to seek it but you must awaken, activate, amplify and accept it.

Once you recognize and acknowledge this, your next thought is “Okay, that makes sense; I intellectually understand. It’s true, I am a Spirit Being which holds extreme value but it’s the human aspect of me; that’s where the problem is”. Yet, the human aspect of yourself also holds extreme value because it is capable of exercising free will to make wise choices and decisions and with that ability you can empower and enlighten yourself. You can recreate yourself and your world and evolve into being Spirit in expression and action.

Once you accept this intellectually the next step is to see, especially feel and experience the value that you truly are and hold within. How does one accomplish that? You turn to what is called the Spirit of Value, which in truth is your Spirit-self, and mentally or inwardly ask to see, feel and experience the value, worth that you really are and be willing to let it in, be willing to look at the truth. As you do this each day that part of you that is more than you know, that part of you that loves you when you don’t, begins to work with you in ways that you don’t humanly understand as yet and you begin to see, feel and experience the trueness of the value that you really are. And, as this occurs, which it does instantaneously or progressively, anything then that you are thinking, saying, feeling or doing that is not of value you will immediately release or step away from it. It’s so simple yet profound and the breach of confidence or inner trust within you begins to heal and resolve itself.” 

“Self-value is trusting yourself, loving yourself, forgiving yourself, respecting yourself, honouring your true emotional nature, being responsible, being honest, being successful, being here and now; not living in the past or future.” 

“An important question to ask yourself: What don’t you trust? Is it…?

1. The human?

2. The choice?

3. Super-conscious-Spirit mind and self?

4. The pre-programmed energies, elements or power within?

5. The outcome?

6. The method?

Know what you don’t trust, then know why.  It’s usually the human and choice or the human and method.  It’s not why you don’t trust - it’s what you don’t trust.“