Healing, The Breach Of Trust

It’s so important to trust yourself, and others selectively; those who have earned that trust.

Trust to a child always relates to others: trusting that someone will be your friend, having food on the table, trusting that your friend won’t date your boyfriend or girlfriend; then trust expands to the boss being fair, the pay-cheque being there, and so on. Trust in others goes hand in hand with loyalty, fairness and justice.

When someone breaks your trust it immediately has impact on you and you go through a range of emotions starting with hurt, not physically but emotionally. Hurt leads to anger, fear, doubt and anxiety. You feel the person is insensitive and disrespectful and you lose your sense of security. This sense of security is often misinterpreted as material things [money, home, family, career and life] but the security loss is more of an internal issue because you feel insecure as to your own sense of power, your own lack of good judgement, your own lack of faith. You assume that because someone has broken your trust that you are not valuable, there must be something wrong with you, you must not be loving enough, you must not be responsible enough, you must have done something and you beat yourself up because of an action of another.

With each broken trust you diminish yourself even more until it’s harder to trust anyone or anything, but, the outcome of this mistrust is even more devastating to you because you not only don’t trust others but you don’t trust yourself. You question your sense of judgement. You decided to trust this person and they have discarded that trust as something worthless. Now, can you trust your other decisions? How do you know that your next show of trust in others or yourself is valid, or, will it disintegrate as dust in the wind? These questions then lead to your own actions, to your failures, disappointments and mistakes.

You thought something would happen to be successful or powerful but it leads nowhere. Soon you are questioning everything [your thoughts, emotions and actions] doubting others and yourself but now you can change it. You can see why you reacted as you did and how that action and emotion is affecting you, and, with this understanding can change it. You can let trust back into your life again. If trust is broken by others you may still feel hurt [I am not saying that it won’t happen] but don’t internalize that hurt. Because they have broken the trust you had in them, this should not be reversed to you breaking the trust you have in yourself. So often their action becomes your action.

Revenge is another means of handling broken trust but you know that leads to more hurt, pain and unhappiness. The hurt you feel in betrayal of trust may be redirected to sadness at seeing that person’s lack of loyalty, their loss of your friendship, your love or capabilities, to their lack of justice, fairness and understanding. Yes, you may be hurt, they may have hurt you but do not hurt yourself. When one breaks the trust of another they must see the consequences of their actions, both within themselves and others. When someone breaks the trust in another they break the trust within themselves.


Begin by bringing trust back into your life; not as you learned by trusting others first but by having trust in yourself, trusting the evolved human to make wise choices and decisions, trusting the Spirit-self to create them in the realm of Super-consciousness and trusting in the power of the energies to manifest or bring them into your reality. This is where trust should have always been.

People become so accustomed to having others validate their ideas that they rely on them and not on themselves. If a person doesn't trust themselves and their power and they have an intuitive insight, they begin asking other people “What do you think about this idea, how do you see this, how does it feel to you?” You see, they don’t trust themselves so they are looking for confirmation and direction from others. Then, they learned about Spirit and relied on its wisdom, seeing no value in themselves. They have just redirected their trust from human to Spirit. They have total trust in Spirit but they have difficulty in using the wisdom, given by Spirit, in human action because they have no trust in themselves. They know what to do but don’t trust themselves to do it.

When you trust yourself first you unite that trust with the trust you have in Spirit and you blend your power with Spirit power to attain wondrous results.

Trust affects so many aspects of Self and life [thoughts, words, emotions, actions, power, wisdom, control and reality] and this is why it is so important to understand and accept trust back into your life again. How do you regain it? - By understanding the mental process of your thoughts, by focussing on you as the holder of trust and not giving it to others to mishandle. I am not saying that you should not trust others who have earned that trust but trust in yourself first. When you do this you open a world in which your trust will bring pleasure, value, happiness, love, enjoyment, fulfilment and freedom. Until you trust yourself the power will be restricted. Yes, you may have some success but it won’t last because you lack trust in yourself to maintain the power.