Fear Of Success And How To Resolve It

Many people have this fear of success. How it comes about is: Perhaps someone attains some real success or they become wealthy and then lose it, or it could be the attainment of true love and having their partner passing into Spirit on them, or it could be the attainment of oneness with their potential and power and then oscillating back into the humanistic aspect; it’s like they lose that unity or that oneness with Spirit. Once this happens the human side becomes very much in reaction and of course eventually the person will again attempt to move into attaining that wealth, true love, that oneness or whatever it was that they originally lost, but as they begin to move in that direction the inner human side brings up this thought, emotion, memory and it says “If you focus on [becoming wealthy again ~ attaining true love ~ one with your potential and power] and then lose it again, the pain will be so great that it will kill you” thus the human will not strive for it, will not go for it and will not attempt it.

You need to understand how this fear of success originates and once you understand that [for example] wealth, richness, money, love and oneness are elements/ energies within you now, you begin to come to the understanding that you cannot lose them. Thus, you will then allow yourself again to go for it, to create it in your physical material world; to attain the wealth, the love, that oneness again with your potential and power.

It’s also interesting how this pattern originates and how this pattern of fear itself brings help to the human by activating what is called a ‘Life-adjuster element’ within you in that, when the Spirit- Self activates this element, the human will attempt once again to accomplish that goal [whatever it is that they lost  originally]. However, this only goes so far because the Spirit, remember, cannot interfere in the free will, in the choices and decisions of the human, but the Spirit can help the human to re-stimulate itself to get back on track and then this understanding of the fear of success and how to resolve it must come into place.

I’ve worked with so many people who have had this fear where they have attained tremendous success and lost it, then let themselves go so far and again sabotaged or destroyed it because of the human aspect saying “If you attain this [becoming wealthy again ~ attaining true love ~ one with your potential and power] and lose it again the pain will be so severe that it will do you in”.  As you now can see, this is the fear of success and how to resolve it. It’s simple, it’s easy and it works. Example: Understand that you are the elements of love, success, Spirit and therefore cannot lose it.

For most people the pattern of loss has become more important than doing things that will provide goodness, gain and one success after another in life. You have learned to validate the loss: pain, hurt, lack, limitation, misfortune, sacrifice, sabotage, failure and giving up. Loss has become acceptable in your mind and it has to do with an idea that if you lose, you will be accepted, loved and cared for by the norm, for isn’t that what humans do to fit into humanity or mass- consciousness?


People are afraid to have one pleasantry after another, one success after another, one perfect day moment by moment after another because then they would be different. Example: No horror stories to tell, no pain, struggle, suffering and hardship to share, therefore, you always have a loss in everything. It’s in all the aspects of yourself [mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and materially]; it’s in your thoughts, emotions, actions, choices and decisions, goals and life. There are many mass-conscious misinterpretations and false validations on success and failure, winning and losing, loss and gain. Example: People with great success always have great loss and the greater the success, the greater the loss.

Your idea of control is: you will lose something first before anyone else can do it to you. You will create the loss and you will always create loss for yourself first. It’s a form of misdirected control or controlling in a negative way. Example: Your focus is on loss and you have become good at it.

People have been denying their true potential and power most of their lives. Now, it’s imperative to recognize, acknowledge and release this negative, humanistic pattern of loss and move into the oneness, goodness, greatness and miraculous success. Don’t say “Look at me, at how much I have lost”. Rather, say “What can I take from this realization for me to be, do, have, expand and evolve into more?”

You cannot let loss become a permanent part of you and that is what you have done; it has become personal. Everyone experiences loss in life, everyone has this issue; don’t make it a permanent fixture. Initially you were afraid of being different, individual, unique, but you have become different with the loss. Example: The fear is: people will not accept you being different, so you try to be like them by  creating loss in your life, but they won’t accept that either because then you are a loser. Remember, you can’t get to pleasure on the back of pain.