The Body As The Power Source - Not The Problem Source...

“In life there is only one thing you need to focus on and that is: the pre-programmed energies within, the giver of life. These pre-programmed energies break down into elements of love, positivity, value, goodness, wholeness and more, which is the power that you need in life. It’s like a rock that holds many minerals and sometimes one takes only what they need and are unaware of the value of the other precious minerals embedded in that rock.

What holds these elements together? It’s the pureness of their essence; it’s all that pure positive energy and power. The pre-programmed energies or elements do not have negatives within them to erode and destroy the pureness. In fact, the negatives are repelled from entering the potency of the elements as positive energy is much more powerful than negative energy. You can see that it’s not difficult to preserve what they are. The only thing that can enter the elements and their purity is something of equal value, not necessarily quantity but quality of value. In other words, a positive thought, intention, choice; a desire that is pure, positive and productive.

How does one know the value of their choice? It’s simple - it’s what serves mankind. It’s something that provides goodness to the whole; it’s something that evolves into more in a pure and positive way. While the choice is personal and for one’s individual growth and evolution, it’s totally positive and so it adds to the positive energy that is available to all and so serves all, not just one. It may be a personal, individual desire to feel, be and express love and that power of love may touch and impact others or add to the power of love that already exists which increases the potency of the power even more. So, while the choice helps the individual, it also provides more positive energy, expanding it into the world and that is how you know it has value.

There is no value in negativity of any kind for it destroys the choice-maker as well as causing harm to those around. It defeats the purpose of evolution from within the Being but it cannot destroy the pure, positive energy or elements, so there is always hope that one will change their thoughts and life around to live in the positive energy and potency of those elements. The pre-programmed energies never judge mankind but they can change mankind when the heart is willing and open to receive. It’s not judgement; it’s attraction and it is that simple.

Understand: the mind determines what the body needs but the body does not always accept what the mind chooses. Why is this so? First, the mind has more freedom to move from one thought to another. That is how it learns and grows. The mind looks at certain thoughts and perceives them as either value or not, whether they are in the realm of possibility or fantasy, or, other thoughts as being difficult, negative and so on. It is just mental, intellectual and has no effect on the body, for the body does not react to all those thoughts. It is what one dwells upon or chooses that becomes part of the bodily energy and so the separation between the mind and body has value in some cases, but, it also has restrictions and limitations, for what one desires and needs has to be firmly placed in the body to have it cooperate with the mind.

The body cannot determine if what you are learning is truth or not, so in many cases it just goes about life as usual until it receives a strong directive from the mind. The problem is: that even in having received the directive, the mind then wanders off on a tangent and does not give the body time to adjust to the choice. This, in itself, creates a separation between the mind and the body. So, how does the body become empowered from a wise choice and decision?

It has to come, of course, from the mind, for that is where all choices begin, but the mind has to encompass the body as part of the mind and not as a separate part or something that works at cross purposes. The body has never responded to all the thoughts and choices in the mind. It responds only to the strongest, whether it is negative or positive. It is those thoughts and choices that keep rising in the mind, that are constant and persistent, that the body responds to. Example: “I don’t feel that I love good enough; I don’t feel worthy or deserving enough”. These statements are made in the mind, and after consistently being repeated in the mind, the body takes on this negativity. When one begins to change those thoughts to expressions of self-love, self-value and self-esteem, realize that they have no impact on the body if they are not as consistent and persistent as the negatives were initially. So, how does one change this around to produce a positive choice that has real and profound impact on the body, as well as in the mind?

We must go back to the pre-programmed energies to focus on the one thing, that giver of life, and start taking control of exactly what it is that we own and possess - the power of the elements - which give us all that we truly need and desire. Then, it’s imperative to make the mind and the body the choice-maker. The mind becomes the extension of the body so the mind chooses what the body will do. At this point the mind must focus on the choice and the benefits that it will receive in being what it has chosen, and to include the body in the choice by seeing, feeling and experiencing it.

If you keep your choice only within the mental aspect it does not pass into the body, where more energy can be added and where it can become one unit in harmony, working for a common cause. It’s demonstrating to the body that the choice is more than a mental thought, but a reality and the body is included in the process. When all the aspects are working in unison, miraculous results happen. Understand, it’s a mental choice in the mind, emotional feelings in the mind and flowing to the body; physical action of uniting the body’s power to the choice; spiritually blending with the spirit power, the elements; the material reality where the results are displayed, expressed and activated in one’s life or beingness and emitted out into the world and the universe.

In our conversations with Spirit, we asked this question: “When we look at our body internally, we see only energy; not organs, flesh, bones, tissue. Why are we seeing this?” And, Spirit responded “You are seeing the essence of the power and not the physical mass, and this is good, for you can then see the ease of changing the energy into something positive and powerful. That is what you are and you can easily see the importance of being in control of that energy, which is yours, and seeing how the mind can change something that does not serve you into a greater power.” 

“Pain is simply a reaction from the mind. When you change what is in the mind, the pain no longer exists. The mind itself does not feel anything. It is what is passed onto the parts of your body that feels the reaction of your thoughts and emotions. This is why the mind must be evolved so it does not cause harm to itself as a whole. A thought or choice becomes more impacting from the learning and experiences of the past or what one feels at that particular time. It’s like a memory that feeds it energy, be it positive or negative, which comes from one’s own experiences but not what is, right now, in the present.

As one evolves into their higher Super-conscious-Spirit mind, they may have a thought that is totally detached from the past learning and experiences for it’s a whole new experience now where there are no imprisoning memories, and so one can create from what is in the moment, where they are in the moment and attain amazing results. This is why evolution is so very important; to close the doors on the past in every way and see your thoughts, intentions and choices as new, fresh, clean, pure, exciting, creative, standing alone, but powerful and wise.

Right now, within your body, you hold a massive amount of power in the form of the pre-programmed energies or elements that are within every cell, atom and subatomic particle of your Being. You have a mind, the ability to imagine, dream, choose and decide, that should be directing those energies into action for your personal, individual evolution and expansion. But, are you? These pure, positive, creative energies are yours. They are totally under your control, and if you cannot control your mind, how can you control the energies to become master of your own Being? It’s not a miracle that you can control these pure, positive energies. It’s a fact, a truth, a reality, but how does one personally and individually take control where your choices become your reality?

First: You begin by seeing each day as a new day. It’s like a new dawning, which is always different from yesterday. It’s a new opportunity; it is totally separate from yesterday and the happenings of that day. It’s like having a clean slate to begin the whole new day of creation. There is no past, just today, this moment, so what you were yesterday is only a memory that you can put aside and store if it was good and pleasurable, or cast it out if it wasn’t, for that does not serve you and may cause confusion and disorientation. It is imperative to remove the clutter from your mind so your positive choices have a clean space to create and manifest.

Second: Direct your focus to the mind, the Super-conscious-Spirit mind, where you will make a selection of the elements available to you to make a choice that you’re going to feel, be and express, and to see, feel and experience that potency, that power, active in your mind, in your consciousness. To see, feel and experience the potential of what can be and to be open to taking it into your reality, into you; to see only the positives and if a negative does arise, recognize it for what it is - simply a thought - and cast it out. If it doesn’t make you feel good, realize, it has no value in your mind or your reality.

From the human perspective, negatives have been seen as a warning, a caution to be wary of others or circumstances in your life, so they have been given value where no value exists. A choice to be and express any of the elements need never carry a negative for the elements are clean, pure, positive energy, so if there is a negative in the process you know that it’s a human concept and not truth or power. That makes it easy to accept the power and potency of the elements for they always give to you and never take away or stop you from expanding and evolving into more.

Understand this: A choice to be is always focused on you and only you. As master of your destiny, you choose what you will feel, be, have the energies do and have life bring. Also, you determine in your mind or consciousness that you will have only positives in your reality; and should a negative arise you see it simply as a thought, and a thought is simply an opportunity to make a choice. As master over your thoughts, emotions and actions it isn’t necessary to have negatives. For why would you choose that? In essence, it’s training the mind to be in the now, the moment; it’s living in the present being powerful, being content; being all. It’s literally expanding moments to a minute, to an hour, to a day, in human time and that is exciting.

The mind becomes the master, the ruler over its domain by making wise choices and decisions of what it will feel, be, do, have and enjoy; right now in this moment, the present. In every choice there are many ideas, a massive amount of power and always the results. An example would be love, self-love, and you may have many ideas as to where to place that love within the aspects of yourself. The power of that love can be colourful, a pink, white energy that is active, flowing, potent, magnetically attracting success and abundance to you. This keeps the mind active and focused on what is happening and not on the negatives and, in feeling, being and expressing love, it is so uplifting, energizing and enjoyable.

Now, take that choice to feel, be and express the power of love and add it to even more power, the power you have in the body. This brings it down to encompassing the body into the choice, the area that is lacking right now. Remember, you carry the power of the pre-programmed energies within your body and it is totally your own personal power. It relates to you and who you are. The body has always been the human part that did not take in what the mind was choosing; it seemed to be a separate entity and often was at crossed purposes to the mind. Your choices were of the mental and even emotional aspect but not always the physical aspect. They were not in the body, for the mind rarely took the time to place them there, or you didn’t understand that you could do so, and even if you did, it was short lived because initially there is a separation between the mind and the body.

It’s not enough to have pretty pictures or images in your mind if they go no further. What is the master being master of if not of the whole Being. A choice must move beyond the mind into the body, which is the holder of all those pre-programmed energies and elements [the power] and take total control of the entire Being. Understand, the mind formulates the ideas, it plots and plans, but it needs the body to put it into action and so it must have control over that body as well. If not, it’s as if you have given your ideas to another and they use them to be more but there is no profit in it for you.

The body is similar to a power source, like a transformer that follows the directives from the mind and creates even more power to light up the world, or in this case - you. The mind has one power source - true knowledge, wisdom and truth - but if it passes it to the body it becomes even more powerful, and what emits is an aura of luminous light that attracts more light to it. To ignore this source, because you think it is human, is no different than having ideas but no power to enact them. While the mind was the key force that started your evolution, you cannot ignore the body, which is the holder of the power.

Just as one puts their choice in the ocean of power and wisdom or pure positive energy, now you can see that the ocean of energy is your body, and with this understanding the unity of mind, body, Soul and Spirit becomes one. Take it even further and mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and materially become one power source and it is all you. It’s that blending of all into one that brings evolution, expansion and enlightenment. One has to be more than just the mental aspect, for while it’s essential to have positive thoughts and choices in your mind, it’s just as important to demonstrate to one’s self the power that they truly have.

Why have a body just to do the actions of the mind without the benefit of feeling, being and expressing more? You may use it up and what then? It’s not enough to have dreams; one must create them, and while the mind is powerful, to ignore a source that aides the mind is truly foolish. As we have said before, we saw our body, not as organs and flesh, but as energy, and to not use what we have is failing to utilize all that we are. The body’s energy is depleted when we force it to do more and so requires rest. That is because we are thinking of it as human and therefore it has a limited supply of energy. If we say it is an extension of the mind and holds positive energy and choices, the supply never runs out or low.

Now is the time to unite all the parts into one, where a choice in the mind becomes a powerful, emotional state of being that is passed to the body and its power, and the action produces that choice quickly, easily and even miraculously in your reality. Make a determination that from this day forth you will look upon the body as the power source, not the problem source. Understand that Super-conscious-Spirit exists within every subatomic particle of your Being so wherever you are, there the power is; alive, active and willing to create your own true reality.”