Resolving Human Negative Need

Human negative-need is: needing and expecting something that the human feels it can only get from others, which others won’t give what is humanly needed.  Example: Love, validation, acceptance, approval, permission, success, from others.  You experience feelings of anger, frustration, hopelessness and powerlessness for needing others when you are aware of the power that is available.  Look around.  What is it that you are needing from others right now?  You must recognize and identify the human negative-need and step away from it and get into positive need and results, which resolves this negative and destructive pattern.

Understand that at this point in your evolution there is no resistance, rebellion or emotional inner conflict for the human aspect desires this negative-need to be resolved so that it can fulfill its positive needs, true desires and destiny.  Both the human and Spirit are now working together in harmony to resolve this issue, perhaps for the first time.  Example: Is there a need to have your parents say they love you?  Not necessarily a child’s need, but an adult need?  As was stated earlier, it’s imperative to recognize and identify your human negative-need and step away from it.  From now on you will be much more aware of the interactions that you have with others and life’s situations.  There is a need within everyone that goes unfulfilled and that need affects life in ways that are ignored, but not gone.

If you are unaware of the human negative-need it affects all the aspects of self and the results you desire in life.  You may evolve and succeed in certain ways but until this human negative-need is recognized and released, you will never attain the success you truly need and desire in life.  It’s on again and off again; you take one step forward and one step backwards but it’s never consistent and as expanding as it should be.  The human negative-need is a lack that you cannot fulfill because it relates to and depends on others and that is where control is lost.  This negative-need is a lack within you that is seemingly attached to others, which leaves you powerless to do anything for you become dependent on others to resolve it and, perhaps in their mind, there isn’t anything to resolve.

First, they are unaware of the issue that you hold, so why would they do anything differently than what is common to them.  Second, they may be giving you what you need, but not the way you want it for there are specific needs in your mind and emotional state, which can only be pacified in a specific way.  Your mind has a different perspective than someone else’s mind, yet to someone else, they may perceive they are giving you what you need but it’s not acceptable to you for you have determined it must come a different way and perhaps, it’s not so visible or apparent to you.

Third, it really has nothing to do with others; it has everything to do with the remnants of the human aspect, which is holding to something because it is not resolved in the human mind.  The need is initially ignored as you take control by focusing on the power.  This gives you a sense of power but not resolution to the human negative-need, which re-surfaces at different times causing pain, anxiety and fear.  The power cannot alter it for you have placed the human negative-need outside yourself and it was others who had to resolve it for you.  Your control has been given away and placed on others and now you are dependent on them.

This issue of the human negative-need all comes forward because of your choice to live in power and wisdom and have total control of your life.  As you have not resolved this need it has to come to the surface so you can recognize and understand the emotional blockage or limitation.  Example: How it affects you and the dependency that you have placed on others.  By resolving the human negative-need you step away from the pain, hurt, rejection and dependency on others and re-direct your focus in the power and as the power, to positive need, success and expansion.  The power could have sustained you but not when part of your control was given to, or placed on others.

When you are dependent on others you give your control away and diminish the power.  The human negative-need affects every aspect of self, your goals and life, and you are totally immersed in it and sometimes it is truly insidious, dangerous and treacherous.  From the human perspective everyone is dependent on others for something [love, validation, success…] and accepts this pattern so readily.  It’s a learned emotion and a learned self-value that has no value.  This is why you continue to carry it until you come to this understanding; there is absolutely no safety or value in human negative-need and you must step away from it.

Each person must look at their own personal, human negative-need to identify how it limits and restricts them, then step away from it and get into positive need, expansion and results.  It’s easy to recognize the human negative-need because its pattern is dependency on others, not yourself and your personal power.  It’s dependent on another’s action or agreement and is always outside of you and your control.  Example: A presentation with the need for others to accept, validate and approve of the product or service being presented so it will give that person the success they humanly need.

When you don’t need something from others, interestingly enough they want to give it to you.  Example: when you don’t need the bank – that is when they are willing to help.  When you come to the understanding that you are a Being of love, abundance, joy and out of positive need you are feeling, being and expressing those elements naturally for yourself, then, others want to be around you and give to you but you don’t need them in a human negative way.

Understand: to resolve human negative-need be willing to look at it and tell yourself the truth then simply step away from it and get into positive need, expansion and success.  Remember the human and spirit are now working together to release this human negative-need, which indicates that you have evolved and this is the last issue that you need to resolve to being totally free and unstoppable.