Ok Energies - Let's Go Have Fun and Create Money!

A student of ours [Andy] was keenly interested in the creative power of the energies and focused due-diligently on directing them to manifest a huge bank account. It was summer vacation time and Andy had gone on a three week holiday. Upon returning there was a letter from his bank indicating that they had mistakenly deposited into his savings account $587 Million and had only prior to his return to Calgary rectified the error in transaction.

Understand that Andy had programmed the energies for a huge amount of money to be deposited into his bank account, which he attained, but his underlying thoughts and feelings were “Well, this is too good to be true; it can’t last and also, the human me must work on being more deserving of such wealth”, so the money blew in and it blew out. The lesson is: never second-guess yourself. Keep your thoughts, intentions and choices pure and clean; give the energies specific positive directives and simply know that it will be.


1. Energy is everywhere and as you begin to work with it, visualize that you are collecting it from the atmosphere around you, like particles of diamond dust, and forming it in your hands like a ball or globe of pure white light. This is pure or free-state energy and it is extremely potent.

2. Once you have collected and formed these pure, positive energies into a ball or globe of pure white light, which we call energy transformers or ET’s, then you must tell the energy ball what you want it to be, do or bring to you.

3. Program the energy transformer to activate the healing energies of love, to repair a damaged relationship or to manifest abundance and success in your reality. Imagine a laser beam of light emanating from your intuitive faculty, the centre of your forehead, which connects with the energy transformer to add your personal signature via desire, imagination and expectancy.

4. Really put your thoughts and feelings into the energy transformer for your emotional energy, senses and the power of your intention gives it force and life. Let yourself see, feel and experience the process in the power of your mind, which makes it real, fact, alive and truth to you.

5. Yield to your higher power by inviting and asking Super-conscious-Spirit, your Guardian Angel, the Spirit Guides and the ocean of power and wisdom, to add and amalgamate its’ power with yours. By attuning to your Super-conscious-Spirit mind you are finding your own personal power and control.

6. Next, take action mentally or physically by directing, sending, throwing the energy ball out into the universe. Understand that when you create something with the energy transformers, you must also detach yourself from the mind connection. That is the action. Release it into the universe sending it to someone, like a gift with no strings attached. Also, it’s important to recognize and acknowledge that the energy transformer is raw, free-state energy programmed with thought, desire, imagination and expectancy, by you and for you. It is magnetized and begins to manifest and attract what you want from the universe. It’s like a boomerang that you send out, which returns to you. You are like a General sending your task force to complete a mission for you, and that mission is a mission of miraculous success.

7. If you are asking for healing help for someone, it’s important to command the energies with the amalgamation of love and Spirit power to create harmony, wholeness and health, with the easement of pain and discomfort and visualize the person healing quickly and easily. At times you may see the healing energies as colour: blue is soothing and calming; a rose pink for pure love; an amethyst or a violet colour for harmony and balance. Many times in asking for healing help for others, people have told me that they actually saw a ball of light coming at them, which flowed through and around them to bring peace, calmness, healing and a knowingness that all would be well. It’s interesting to note that other people actually see, feel and experience this healing energy that has been directed to them.

8. In the beginning, the human aspect determines what it needs and desires and then takes physical or human action by throwing the energy transformer out into the universe. As you expand and evolve, let your Super-conscious-Spirit-Self program the energy transformer with what you want; not necessarily what you think you need or how the human perceives it will happen. An example may be: The choice to have love in your reality. The human sees someone coming into their life being loving; giving you love. Super-conscious-Spirit sees you as being love, having self-love, being filled with the power of love. The goal was the same, the results different. Let Super-conscious-Spirit program your energy transformers with power and wisdom so you may expand into more and attain even greater results.

9. Before putting into action and expression the power of the energy transformers, it’s imperative to balance your own bodily energies to prevent any aspects of humanness from tainting your goal or desire. When your mind and body are pure positive energy, then the power of your intention is pure and clean. How do you do this? Begin by standing in front of a mirror; close your eyelids and imagine yourself collecting these particles of pure, white light or energies from the atmosphere, forming it then into a ball or globe of pure light, and allow the laser beam of your mind to connect to the energy transformer and program it to balance and harmonize your thoughts, emotions, actions, mind, body and energy.

Ask Super-conscious-Spirit to add its power and wisdom to your choice; then you may direct or throw it at the mirror and it bounces back, flows through and around you to purify, cleanse and balance your mind and bodily energies. Or, you may allow the energy transformer to be gently lifted upwards into the air, and like a ball it rises, touches the ceiling and comes down upon you, flowing through and around you, and again balancing your mind and bodily energies, so that now you are ready to manifest and create what you want, with pure, positive energy in all that you choose and do.

10. This is a simple exercise to determine whether your energy field or that of another is balanced and in harmony. Years ago, when we first began teaching The Secret of Life - Energies, our son Kim created a form of divining rods to determine whether a person’s electromagnetic force field was balanced or in harmony. He made them out of coat hangers with copper handles so that when you are holding them, you cannot manipulate the rods. We had a lot of fun demonstrating this simple exercise in our courses and seminars.

Now, when you point these rods at an individual, if that person’s energy field is not balanced, the rods may criss-cross or they may go either to the right or to the left. If the person’s energy field is balanced and in harmony, the rods will open out, which represents that the person’s energies are in harmony, they are balanced, and that is rare. It’s interesting to do this experiment with someone whose energies are not balanced for you can create an energy transformer and program it to balance their energy field, which is effective immediately.

You simply follow the previous steps in creating the energy transformer and invite Spirit to add its power and wisdom to the process, then take a physical action by directing or throwing it outwards at the person and then you can use the divining rods to determine what has happened within their electromagnetic force field. Amazingly their energy field is balanced. This is a very simple, yet powerful exercise that you can utilize to determine if your own energy field is balanced or that of another.

To test your own energy field, simply stand in front of a mirror and point the rods at the mirror and they will either criss-cross, go from one side to the other, or if you have balanced your energies, they will open out fully, demonstrating to you that your mind and bodily energies are balanced and in harmony. It’s fun and interesting to note that when Grace and I were first using the power of the energy transformers to balance the electromagnetic force field of others, never once did we question in our minds that we could not balance their energy fields, for we always knew the power of the energies would manifest and create the pureness of our intention.

11. Transmuting energies or transmuting thought: this is using the mind to change the components in the subatomic particles of the atom from negative to positive. It’s being aware that you don’t have to create new positive energy all the time. You may focus your thought on transmuting the negative energies within to the positive, then, there is only the positive because you have transformed anything negative within, such as the memories within the sub-conscious mind and the subatomic particles in the atoms in the cells of your physical form.

Say “This is the Captain speaking, and I release past negatives from their duty as I am pure, positive energy”. You are commanding the subatomic particles in the atom to transmute from negative to positive and to retain that program. There must be this conversion, otherwise you are always carrying the negative within and trying to be positive, and that old human way doesn't work but this new Spirit way does work. Only positive energy now prevails. Make that your determination; make that your truth. You can work on the human thoughts or let the energies work for you. Just as Super-conscious-Spirit cannot create negatives, now your energies [thoughts, emotions, actions] cannot create negatives; how wonderful, simple and profound.

People focus on the area they can do and neglect the rest. It’s selective application. If you are focused on the area lacking, you will find it changes through the application of pure, positive energy.

A lesson to be aware of is: use all of the negatives, within and without, and convert what is already there to the positive. You don’t always need to create new positive energy; use what you already have to change what is, into pure, positive energy and power.