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“Who is in control of your life, your dreams and your destiny? A choice must be made to end the conflict within; not a want but a choice, and you must stand by your choice. Which will give you the most out of life: human or Spirit? Make a choice and go for it. Ask for help in making your choice and ask for help in accepting your decision.”

“Control over situations is not necessarily the resolution of a problem but your personal control over yourself. Situations require a clear mind, a mind that seeks resolution when chaos is all you see. The point is: you do not have to resolve the issue but simply control yourself, your action, which brings control to every situation.”

Miracle Moments With Spirit

A Miraculous Healing

A few months ago I was contacted by a lady in the USA who was just diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.  After submerging herself in the life transforming Spiritual Audio Programs and sending her distance healing, she is now cancer free.  Read her amazing story below. ~ Larry Wayne

“Just a few months ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 A, Grade 3 Breast cancer. Grade 3 is the fastest growing, and very aggressive cancer. There were 2 tumors in my right breast, cancer in 4 lymph nodes and two lymph tumors. Scary stuff indeed. The surgeon told me that I would need a mastectomy, lymph nodes removed, chemotherapy and radiation as my protocol. I asked about other options, but was informed that this was it…..So even though I had never met Larry, I felt drawn to call him that same day and ask for his healing grace, which he did without hesitation.

Although Larry lives in Calgary and I live in Tennessee he became my quiet in my storm as he helped me navigated my new life with cancer. He took so much time to guide me and listened to my fears. His emphasis on working with Spirit has made all the sense in the world to me, and his CD program is excellent. Since my initial discussion with Larry and with his wisdom and healing expertise, I have experienced an inner calmness over the last few months and I have dealt with cancer with peace and acceptance. I have the emotional energy to be gentle with both my cancer and myself.  I would have had a tough time finding my way through the fear and anxiety of living with cancer without Larry’s loving compassion and caring spirit.

There are two more loving beings; doctors in the Spirit world, who work with Larry—Dr. Cruppe and Dr. Bernadt.  Both are never far from my thoughts, and their power to heal is undisputed in my case. Knowing that they are powerful in their healing ability gave me the courage to go ahead with surgery but forgo any Chemotherapy or Radiation. When my oncologist told me that I would have only 42% chance of surviving 3-5 years if I did not go ahead with the protocols, I simply fired him. My belief in natural and spiritual healing methods became all important to me.

The results were amazing. After Larry’s healing and six weeks from my diagnosis, my tumors had not grown at all (Expected to double in that time), but had shrunk. Upon examination the doctor downgraded the tumors from aggressive grade 3 to grade 2. By early July my CA2729 tumor marker test result was a 7. Readings under 38 indicate normal, over 38 shows cancer activity. A very accurate HGC test performed in August was also excellent. The doctor suggested that the miniscule reading was likely to be microscopic residue from the cancer.

My life is full, happy and healthy, just months after a devastating diagnosis. My recovery has been quite incredible.  I have not heard of anyone else having such a successful response in this short time period. I have not met Larry, but he feels like an old friend that I can feel in my soul. Calling him was the single most important decision I have made in my quest to heal myself. He was caring and loving enough to ensure that I had the very best healers ’ assigned to my case’. Both Doctor’s Cruppe and Bernadt have intervened in ways that I do not fully understand, but I will always be thankful and grateful for their healing help. The results speak for themselves. I feel safe now.

Larry is known as The Spiritual Pathfinder with good reason. I highly recommend going to his website His audio programs are amazing. I simply had to buy the bundle set as it includes all of his best sessions.
Thanks Larry. With Love and Appreciation,”

Kate Steward

Being The Light In Mass-Consciousness

Stepping out of the mass-consciousness brings you face to face with the spirit of the human. Example: The Outer and Inner Human, which is the power and control of the human aspect. It’s the essence of the human - the thinking, feeling, acting, and beingness of the human. It is you, the true, human you. It is the part of you that dreams, desires and longs to be more.

The mass-consciousness says “You can dream but don’t expect your dreams to come true”. The mass-consciousness keeps everyone powerless, or at least the majority, but Spirit consciousness gives everyone power and wisdom for those who will accept. One is forced upon you [Example: mass-consciousness]; the other [Super-conscious/Spirit] is your individual choice. Which will you now choose? It’s not putting faith in what could be but putting faith in what is now. Yes, by all means dream but make those dreams present; make them real, fact and truth. Make them part of your reality now.


Stepping out of the mass-consciousness means you are stepping away from how other people think, feel, act and create. It’s giving up the norm and creating something new. That means thinking differently and most important, feeling differently; then, your actions will be different as well. You are creating a reality that you choose and decide; a place of creativity, love, positivity, confidence, richness, success and fulfilment.


The process of detaching from mass-consciousness is a very simple but powerful exercise, which you only do before going to sleep every night. You don’t do it in your waking hours because in the detachment exercise you are not only detached from mass-consciousness but from your Super-conscious/Spirit-Self as well, and you need the oneness with Super-conscious/Spirit to function effectively in your daily endeavours. The detachment exercise is imperative because the human part eventually releases its dependency, reliance and human negative-need to find its own power and unite fully with Super-conscious/Spirit or the power and wisdom; to co-create in a reality of love, abundance and joy.

Remember, you cannot take your humanness and negative-ego into Super-conscious/Spirit or the power and wisdom, therefore, in detaching from mass-consciousness, you will recognize, acknowledge and release these aspects to be one with your true potential and power.

Now, to put into action the detachment exercise, before sleep each night, imagine in your mind a stage, and on the left side of the stage is the mass-consciousness of which you are in. On the right side is your Spiritual-Self radiating light, beauty and power. In the middle of the stage is a spotlight, and as you step away from the group in the mass-consciousness into the spotlight, detached from mass-consciousness and also your Spiritual Self. In the spotlight, you ask mentally or inwardly, to see, feel and experience what the true human part of you is capable of being, doing and having [Example: The Outer and Inner Human you], then simply let yourself fall asleep. Remember, this exercise is to discover who you are, the human you, the power of the true human you.

In a sense, it’s like standing back and watching yourself in the spotlight and you will begin to see, feel and experience in dream or vision format, what you are really capable of being and doing, which is now so very important. It’s seeing, feeling and experiencing your true, human power and potential within, which are your true emotions and true values, and the realization of the true power and control behind your choices and decisions, which are as powerful as Spirit, and were all placed within the truer human part of you by Spirit itself.

One human part of you [The Outer Human] is looking at the other human part [The Inner Human], at that power, and that is what you are going to utilize - this treasure of potential and power, which we call the pre-programmed energies or elements. There is a part of you [The Soul] that knows right and wrong, good and bad, and it’s not being utilized fully.


If you had no help from anyone else, how would you survive? It’s now finding that power and strength within the self [the heart and soul of you], which holds the goodness and greatness of the Spirit itself.


In the spotlight, detached from mass-consciousness and Super-conscious/Spirit, ask that one part of you what it has or is. Remember, the outer part is watching the inner part to see, feel, experience and know how powerful, talented and gifted it is. You are learning and discovering the power, wisdom and trueness of the real, human you. It’s like from the Bible: ‘Know Thyself’.

There is a denial of one’s human power because mankind has bought into the idea that you can never be as powerful or as good as Spirit, and that is not truth. There is also a fear of looking at the Inner Human emotional side, in that it might not be true that it is power and goodness. The fear is: what if it isn’t? But, what if it is? And, of course, it truly is.

Understand that when you do the detachment exercise, two things will occur:

1.  All humanistic aspects that are restricting, limiting or blocking your potential and power, will be brought into the light so you may recognize, acknowledge and release them. Example: Remember this expression: ‘The heart cannot heal what the eye cannot see, not even in the twilight zone’. In your sleep state, you will be aware of a lot of activity even though you may not remember all of it. However, you must set down a rule that, in the morning you will recognize, acknowledge and recall what has transpired, so the aspects of humanness will be released. Now remember this may not come to you immediately in the morning but when you set down that rule, you begin to get glimpses and insights of this throughout the day.

Understand that the Spirit method of processing through this phase will be simple, effective and complete. When you become aware of an aspect of humanness or negatives that arise during your day and your everyday daily activities, you are to think about them like a snarling dog on a chain. And the reason the dog is snarling is because you are holding onto it, for it’s a misplacement of safety and value on a negative, a learned emotion or learned self-value that has no value.

Then, simply imagine yourself letting go of the chain, and the snarling dog takes off and the restricting, limiting, negative pattern is gone forever. No more processing, dwelling or work, work, working on things, but just accepting - it is done. Remember to remind yourself that you are willing to look at but not feel the negatives or the humanistic aspects that may arise; then you won’t react and lose temporary control.

2. When you recognize, acknowledge and recall a true positive about yourself [a talent, a gift, an ability of goodness and greatness of the trueness of you], you are to let yourself see, feel, experience and truly embrace and accept it so you will become that power, wisdom, pre-programmed energy or element to let it fully in. Now this is the process that you go through in detaching from mass-consciousness and we suggest that you focus on it each night for at least a month and to follow through on these steps very carefully.

Understand that this is a very simple but a very powerful exercise, and also understand that detachment runs very deep. Initially you begin to detach from the thoughts, emotions and actions of mass-consciousness, the ways and methods of the humanistic world and you begin to attach to the power and wisdom, to Super-conscious/Spirit. This awareness and understanding will evolve in progressive dimensions until eventually you are totally detached from mass-consciousness and totally attached to Super-conscious/Spirit, the power and wisdom.

Energy & Value In Everything Is Equal

Regardless of the goal, need or desire, the energy in the thought, emotion, action, the choice and decision is always equal. Example: The desire to have an ice cream cone or a new car - and it doesn’t matter how much you think about it or how much effort you put into it - the energy is always equal. People have different energy for different things they desire and the human is always judging and building things up to try to make the energy stronger when it already is. Just make your choice and decision strong and know it will be.


Energies are the creators, manifestors, builders, producers, workers, healers and dream makers.  They are a huge source that gives substance or life to your thoughts, emotions and actions.


Energies take your thoughts and emotions and create them. That leaves it up to you, the human thinker and choice-maker, to program for all you truly need and desire from that thought. Example: Your mind, body, soul and spirit are a pool of energy. You are like a big atom and the human creates by directing the energies.

As I have stressed previously:


Because you are literally a ‘human spirit’ remember, there is power in the choice, the choicemaker, Super-conscious/Spirit and the pre-programmed energies or elements. There are no weak links; every part is power. See it as one - one power, one thought, one emotion, one action, one creation, one result and one Being. Example: You are greater than any problem for wherever you are, there the power is.


You don’t need extra energy to make things happen; you just need to accept the energy or power you already have. Example: Sai Baba, the Man of Miracles from India says “I am the ocean, you are the waves”. The waves carry the power, goodness and greatness to become the ocean. They hold the potential and potency to be all. The only difference is the space they occupy which is really no difference because they are all equal; it is all the same energy. Energy in everything is always equal. This is standard universal knowledge but people make a distinction even with the elements. Example: “I am love but not confidence or, I am goodness but not greatness”.

If you accept love and goodness, why can’t you accept confidence and greatness? Because you are placing a human judgement upon it; you are labelling your thoughts. Example: You must learn something more, be something more, do something more, before you can attain it. Instead of work, work, working-on things, just accept. People are accepting certain things then denying they can accept. Example: “I am love but not power”.

What is the difference between the element of love and power? Nothing. They are both preprogrammed energies, elements. Deep within the core of the atom are elements that respond to your thoughts. Choice is right in the midst of the power, so the power or energy is going to create it. What this all comes down to is one simple lesson: energy in everything is always equal.


Who determines your value? How do you determine that value? By the friends you have, by the things you possess externally, by the things you do? How do you determine the value of things around you? Example: Which of these two objects have more value: a painting worth a million dollars that you don’t like, or a painting worth five hundred dollars that you do like? Does it come down to what you like or don’t like? Does the amount of effort you put into something make it more valuable than the things that come easily? One needs to appreciate the value of everything but can only do so by appreciating their own value in life. If you do not carry personal value you cannot appreciate the value around you. If the external holds more value than you, you require more of that outer value to become more internally, and that is misplaced value. Until you acknowledge your own personal value you will experience the highs and lows of life. This is why you feel good at certain times about the things you are and do and at other times do not feel fulfilled or content doing the exact same thing. It’s not what you have that is valuable; it’s what you get out of what you have that is worthy. Anything that gives you pleasure [happiness, love, enjoyment, fulfilment and peace] to the soul is valuable and only you can determine that value by what you see, feel and experience within, where your value system resides. As you evolve out of humanness and centre in Super-conscious/Spirit, all you need do is place value on everything. That means what you are, what you do and what you have will all have equal value. The values must be equal to be balanced. Value in everything and everyone must be equal.Now, it’s simple enough to put value on Super-conscious/Spirit or the pre-programmed energies but is the value of the choice-maker [you] of equal value? Creating a good strong value system and living in that value gives you total control. Remember, this is your personal value and has nothing to do with the value or lack of value that you might see in another. You are simply giving your mind, life and small portion of the world that you reside within, a value that is equal to the value that you are. In your mind, there are certain things you do that you deem more valuable than others. It may be your business, career, talents or activities that have priorities over the daily necessities of life.


If what you are doing has no value why are you doing it? There should be no priorities in life and you will not have priorities when everything is given equal value. It would be simply moving from one value to another and life would be smooth, balanced and of equal value. 

When something is given priority, anything that takes you away from it becomes an ‘interference’ and your mind is not on what you are doing, but on your priority. Have you ever noticed that when you have to do something else, something always goes wrong, it takes longer than you anticipated and is never to your satisfaction? You are simply doing it because you have to but your mind is elsewhere. What I want you to understand here is: when you place a priority on something you are indicating that that which is not a priority is less important and the energies begin to respond to that thought, feeling or emotion and begin to create problems or issues for you in your daily activities.

Everything must be given equal value and only you can give it that value. When there is equality in everything there is a natural flow, a consistent motion from one thing to another. There would be no need to choose love for one project and success for another for the value of what you are is equal to the value of what you do and what you have. Each activity would be precious because it all has value.

Now, you may wonder how shopping for groceries is equal to your business ventures, or how doing the laundry equates to spiritual enlightenment. Eating is valuable; it gives sustenance to the mind, body and soul. Being clean is valuable; it makes you feel good, it’s also  appreciated by friends and loved ones and they are valuable. Understand that when you give all your activities value it gives so much more back to you and creates a powerful force within yourself.


Now, you don’t have to put value on every little detail or action. For example: We put value on the messages of truth from Spirit but not on every individual word for the value of the action covers all. This is an important question to ask yourself: Is your value equal to the  preprogrammed energies or the power and wisdom – or God? The answer to this question must eventually be a resounding yes.

Understanding The Value That You Are

“Where is your value? Where do you feel you have value?” This is a very important question to ask for it determines one’s perspective. In answering this question honestly most people say “Well, my value is in my profession, career, in being of service to others, in loving others, in being a true friend, a good mother or father…”, and I am not saying there isn't an element of value in those actions but if you notice – that value is always placed in the external.

When you place your value outside yourself you get into: first, the pattern of self-sacrifice and you sacrifice your time, energy and resources. As you have put the value outside yourself, you must get that sense of self-validation from others [praise, recognition, acceptance, love, approval…] but you can never get enough of it and you end up feeling powerlessness, hopelessness, frustration and anger. Next, negative-ego attaches itself to this humanistic pattern and then you may sacrifice even your loved ones to get this sense of self-validation. From the un-awakened human perspective, people will do anything to get it because if they don’t receive this sense of self-validation from the external, they don’t feel they have purpose and without purpose they have no reason to live, so they will do anything to get it. And, as negative-ego is attached to this action, it is insatiable, but when you go within – that is a totally different matter.

Then, from the pattern of self-sacrifice, people get into the pattern of self-sabotage because they don’t know the value they are. They are carrying a lack of deservability so they let themselves go so far and then they sabotage it, for, from the human perspective, they don’t deserve to be one with their potential and power, they don’t deserve to have true love in their life, they don’t deserve to have real and constant success in their reality; only just enough to survive. They will allow themselves to learn about metaphysics and spirituality but they won’t let it in. They will not internalize or emotionalize the knowledge where they become it.

Then, from the pattern of self-sabotage they get into the pattern of self-punishment and beat themselves up with their thoughts, words, doubts, worries, fears, failures, pain, inconsistency and complacency. And, of all the patterns I've seen, lack of self-value, lack of self-worth and lack of self-esteem are the most destructive. Everyone initially is in these patterns in varying degrees unless they are born enlightened where they know and accept fully the value they truly are.

To resolve this issue of lack of self-worth you must first, consciously and intellectually understand why you are and have value and the reason is because of who you are. Who you are is a Spirit Being and the trueness of the human you [Soul] holds the essence of the pre-programmed energies or elements of goodness and greatness within [love, positivity, richness, beauty, power, wisdom and more], which has extreme value. You are born with worth. You don’t need to seek it but you must awaken, activate, amplify and accept it.

Once you recognize and acknowledge this, your next thought is “Okay, that makes sense; I intellectually understand. It’s true, I am a Spirit Being which holds extreme value but it’s the human aspect of me; that’s where the problem is”. Yet, the human aspect of yourself also holds extreme value because it is capable of exercising free will to make wise choices and decisions and with that ability you can empower and enlighten yourself. You can recreate yourself and your world and evolve into being Spirit in expression and action.

Once you accept this intellectually the next step is to see, especially feel and experience the value that you truly are and hold within. How does one accomplish that? You turn to what is called the Spirit of Value, which in truth is your Spirit-self, and mentally or inwardly ask to see, feel and experience the value, worth that you really are and be willing to let it in, be willing to look at the truth. As you do this each day that part of you that is more than you know, that part of you that loves you when you don’t, begins to work with you in ways that you don’t humanly understand as yet and you begin to see, feel and experience the trueness of the value that you really are. And, as this occurs, which it does instantaneously or progressively, anything then that you are thinking, saying, feeling or doing that is not of value you will immediately release or step away from it. It’s so simple yet profound and the breach of confidence or inner trust within you begins to heal and resolve itself.” 

“Self-value is trusting yourself, loving yourself, forgiving yourself, respecting yourself, honouring your true emotional nature, being responsible, being honest, being successful, being here and now; not living in the past or future.” 

“An important question to ask yourself: What don’t you trust? Is it…?

1. The human?

2. The choice?

3. Super-conscious-Spirit mind and self?

4. The pre-programmed energies, elements or power within?

5. The outcome?

6. The method?

Know what you don’t trust, then know why.  It’s usually the human and choice or the human and method.  It’s not why you don’t trust - it’s what you don’t trust.“

Healing, The Breach Of Trust

It’s so important to trust yourself, and others selectively; those who have earned that trust.

Trust to a child always relates to others: trusting that someone will be your friend, having food on the table, trusting that your friend won’t date your boyfriend or girlfriend; then trust expands to the boss being fair, the pay-cheque being there, and so on. Trust in others goes hand in hand with loyalty, fairness and justice.

When someone breaks your trust it immediately has impact on you and you go through a range of emotions starting with hurt, not physically but emotionally. Hurt leads to anger, fear, doubt and anxiety. You feel the person is insensitive and disrespectful and you lose your sense of security. This sense of security is often misinterpreted as material things [money, home, family, career and life] but the security loss is more of an internal issue because you feel insecure as to your own sense of power, your own lack of good judgement, your own lack of faith. You assume that because someone has broken your trust that you are not valuable, there must be something wrong with you, you must not be loving enough, you must not be responsible enough, you must have done something and you beat yourself up because of an action of another.

With each broken trust you diminish yourself even more until it’s harder to trust anyone or anything, but, the outcome of this mistrust is even more devastating to you because you not only don’t trust others but you don’t trust yourself. You question your sense of judgement. You decided to trust this person and they have discarded that trust as something worthless. Now, can you trust your other decisions? How do you know that your next show of trust in others or yourself is valid, or, will it disintegrate as dust in the wind? These questions then lead to your own actions, to your failures, disappointments and mistakes.

You thought something would happen to be successful or powerful but it leads nowhere. Soon you are questioning everything [your thoughts, emotions and actions] doubting others and yourself but now you can change it. You can see why you reacted as you did and how that action and emotion is affecting you, and, with this understanding can change it. You can let trust back into your life again. If trust is broken by others you may still feel hurt [I am not saying that it won’t happen] but don’t internalize that hurt. Because they have broken the trust you had in them, this should not be reversed to you breaking the trust you have in yourself. So often their action becomes your action.

Revenge is another means of handling broken trust but you know that leads to more hurt, pain and unhappiness. The hurt you feel in betrayal of trust may be redirected to sadness at seeing that person’s lack of loyalty, their loss of your friendship, your love or capabilities, to their lack of justice, fairness and understanding. Yes, you may be hurt, they may have hurt you but do not hurt yourself. When one breaks the trust of another they must see the consequences of their actions, both within themselves and others. When someone breaks the trust in another they break the trust within themselves.


Begin by bringing trust back into your life; not as you learned by trusting others first but by having trust in yourself, trusting the evolved human to make wise choices and decisions, trusting the Spirit-self to create them in the realm of Super-consciousness and trusting in the power of the energies to manifest or bring them into your reality. This is where trust should have always been.

People become so accustomed to having others validate their ideas that they rely on them and not on themselves. If a person doesn't trust themselves and their power and they have an intuitive insight, they begin asking other people “What do you think about this idea, how do you see this, how does it feel to you?” You see, they don’t trust themselves so they are looking for confirmation and direction from others. Then, they learned about Spirit and relied on its wisdom, seeing no value in themselves. They have just redirected their trust from human to Spirit. They have total trust in Spirit but they have difficulty in using the wisdom, given by Spirit, in human action because they have no trust in themselves. They know what to do but don’t trust themselves to do it.

When you trust yourself first you unite that trust with the trust you have in Spirit and you blend your power with Spirit power to attain wondrous results.

Trust affects so many aspects of Self and life [thoughts, words, emotions, actions, power, wisdom, control and reality] and this is why it is so important to understand and accept trust back into your life again. How do you regain it? - By understanding the mental process of your thoughts, by focussing on you as the holder of trust and not giving it to others to mishandle. I am not saying that you should not trust others who have earned that trust but trust in yourself first. When you do this you open a world in which your trust will bring pleasure, value, happiness, love, enjoyment, fulfilment and freedom. Until you trust yourself the power will be restricted. Yes, you may have some success but it won’t last because you lack trust in yourself to maintain the power.

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