Larry Wayne

“Who is in control of your life, your dreams and your destiny? A choice must be made to end the conflict within; not a want but a choice, and you must stand by your choice. Which will give you the most out of life: human or Spirit? Make a choice and go for it. Ask for help in making your choice and ask for help in accepting your decision.”

You have one mission in life: To BE Spirit! Not just to have a spirit, but to BE Spirit. Then all that you desire shall come to you. Unite the desire to the power and you shall have success.

Larry Wayne

Larry is a first-class spiritual healer; a role he was born to fulfill, and for which he has been preparing his whole life. Starting at a young age, it was recognized that Larry had a unique ability to heal others. It took many years and several trips around the world to learn at the feet of metaphysical masters, like Dr. Elsa Lund, the extraordinary materialization medium and Tom Pilgrim, world-renowned spiritualist healer. Due in large part to their enlightened inspiration and guidance, Larry was soon a master healer and mentor himself.

Larry has been blessed to witness countless miracles in the course of his career, including many people who were completely healed by his divine gift after medical doctors had failed to provide satisfactory relief. Take a look at our testimonials page to see just a few of the people who were healed, and whose lives were dramatically changed as a direct result of Larry's spirit energy healing and the development of their spiritual potential as an incredibly powerful Being.

Larry is extremely loving, caring and kind. You will feel his deep compassion for you the moment you meet him, and you will be astonished by his wisdom and healing power.
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”There is a passion within myself to rise above and beyond the normal.”

The Spirit Doctors

As a co-creating partner, Larry works in a close state of affinity with the healing intelligences of spirit doctors, Dr. Krupp and Dr. Bernadt, who determine the cause of a disease or disorder, and successfully master its ill effects, which is to take away stress, unhappiness, pain, sickness, and suffering.

In spiritual healing, the power emanates from the Divine, flows through a healer with the gift of healing, then to one calling for healing. The act of healing invokes a spirit science vastly more intricate than the physical sciences known to Humanity.

The greatest joy of healing is when the Healer becomes aware of a feeling of intense pleasure, as he knows inwardly that the healing has been successful; it's a feeling of ecstasy that pervades one's whole Being. It's no wonder us Healers feel the gift of healing is 'divine', is above price, and cannot be commercialized.
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Dr. Krupp
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Dr. Bernadt

Audio Interview

Hear amazing true-life experiences with the Spirit Guides in this interview with Larry Wayne and Grace Johnston, conducted by Dr. David Jones.

The Unseen Friends

 In 1975 Larry visited Coral Polge, the renowned British Psychic Artist. Though he already knew of the existence of Spirit he asked for drawings of his spiritual Guides and any others who might present themselves to Coral.  To his astonishment, among the drawings was a picture-perfect sketch of his grandmother who had died 13 years earlier.  Before the sketch Coral had neither seen nor heard of the grandmother, nor did she know Larry or Grace. Grace also has this same ability to 'see' and 'hear' the guides and in time she too would draw and converse with them just as Coral Polge had done.

For the most part your Spirit Friends work with you and for you anonymously, unseen and unnoticed. Their commitment to you is forever and a day. Their love for you is even more; they wait for you, an eternal friend, standing by your side loving you.
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White Cloud
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Grandmother Anna
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Teaching, healing, counseling must be for yourself first. When the purpose consumes you internally, when you feel the power of your purpose, then you can share with others in thought, word and deed. Your purpose must be felt inside and then it seeps outwardly.

~ Whitecloud
Larry Wayne
Larry Wayne
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